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Something is wrong with me


For the past week I have noticed something is wrong with me. I hardly wanna get out of bed anymore. I have been eating so much when I get upset or bored I just eat. All I wanna do is go to sleep. I can’t concentrate at work at all. I have been making a lot of errors with my paperwork. I have gained over 40 pounds from emotional eating. I have been forgetting a lot of things lately. I am very stressed out and worried all the time. I have been having these bad headaches .

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Hello User4567.

I’m sorry to hear about how you are feeling lately. I can completely understand and relate to how you feel.

A few weeks ago I felt exactly how you feel. I know it may be a silly question however have you spoken to your gp about this? If not another way of dealing with this situation is to think positive. Think about the good things in life, example you’ve got a job which is a reason to get out of bed for. Having a job means you have something to show for when you go out and buy something. Try going out for a short walk when the weather isn’t too bad. Take up a hobby what do you like to do? Best of luck. Speak soon.

I’m taking celexa have been for two years I need to start back seeing my therapist but my insurance makes me pay a 100 dollars until my deductible is met

I’ve not heard of that one. Can you afford to see her/him?

Not at the moment I will in two months I signed up for a gym membership last week and I started back going to the library the holidays are what’s getting me is because I don’t have much money and can’t afford to buy my son the things he really wants for Christmas and my parents had to do it and it hurts me because I couldn’t do it

Oh well done!! That’s a positive!! See your getting yourself out of the house for other reasons as well as work!! That’s great!! As for the holidays I can completely relate. How old is your son if you don’t mind me asking? I’m sure he’ll appreciate what he gets regardless if it’s not what he had expected. Christmas isn’t just about presents it’s spending time with loved ones too. You sound exactly like me though. I think the same with my daughter but when you over buy they don’t play with half of it and then it ends up in the charity shop. Listen your doing the best you can for your son and that’s what counts!! You are not alone !!

He is 8 years old and I’m having trouble financially at this point and his father does not help me at all I only get a 100 a month for child support. I am a single parent and I wanna be financially independent but I have to constantly ask my parents for help and my mother makes it very hard on me when I ask she is very narcissistic and I can’t stand her

Ok so he should understand by that age. Have you tried talking to your son in a childlike way to explain that he may not get it for Christmas however maybe another time (in the sales) as for his father can’t you get him to buy it? I understand if you don’t want to ask him because you want to take pride and make your son happy. As for your mum we don’t always get on. However at least she’s there to support you hun.

The father is definitely out of the question for anything

Oh ok. Sorry to hear that. The only advice I can give you is tell your son that your trying. When he grows older he’ll definitely understand that you was always there for him and you always tried to make him happy even if it meant you won’t be.

He does he know

I read through the comments. It sounds like some situational depression and the holidays can be really hard on people with depression and anxiety. Are you maxed out on your dose of celexa? You've been taking it for a while. A dosage increase or switch in meds might be in order. I'm a single parent and I well so I know where you are coming from. I love the holidays but it's a catch 22 for me because I always feel worse this time of year.

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