falling dropping sensation

Does anyone ever feel like the floor has just dropped just like an elevator going down suddenly! Is this a sign of anxiety? because today I was walking with my friend in the mall and then I suddenly felt the "falling dropping sensation" It lasted for only 3 seconds but scared the crap out of me afterwards.

Im asking if this is a normal anxiety symptom and has anyone experienced this too?


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13 Replies

  • You get any light headed feelings with it?

  • yes sometimes

  • Yeh I get that too, my pulse races too, you gotta just tell ya self it's anxiety and try and carry on, try and re wire yourself..... 👍🏻

  • Thank you Nathsam46 !!

  • Noooooo problem :)

  • Anything else give me a shout :)

  • Does it feel like butterflies in a bad way?

  • no not really, its kind of a feeling in your head. As if the ground just dropped

  • Oh okay. I see posts about it up here and for some reason I was thinking of that sinking feeling in the tummy.

  • karmaberry99, when in a state of continuous anxiety, our sensory perception is thrown off. Our body is in an intense state of nervous stimulation which causes us to feel and sense every movement around us. Whether we are walking or a car beside us is moving, it throws off our balance. We panic and more adrenaline gets fed into the fear.

    Finding out, through therapy, as to what started the anxiety to appear can help in ridding ourselves of that sensation and feel in more control again.

    To this day, I don't like the feeling of an elevator going down since it brings back memories of that feeling.

  • I don't actually know what triggered my anxiety! It just came out of no where

  • Yes ma'am Been dealing four years with this shit

  • I've always had this symptom when my anxiety is at it's worst 😯

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