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Winter has started, anxiety has heightened

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Been a while since I've been on this site, but I've noticed that my Winter anxiety has started. I don't know what exactly has caused it but ever since December came around I haven't been feeling myself. Panic attacks are now more common and I get dreams that trigger my anxiety in the morning. Is it normal for anxiety to make you feel like you're not yourself, especially when Winter comes along? Thanks

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hi,in my case my stress levels heightened as did my fears and anxiety in the summer this year,this is the first time in around 15 yrs that anxiety has taken its toll with panicky feelings about my health everything seemed un real and though I feel ive weathered the storm winter had also started dreaded feelings of even more isolation and anxious about how to cope living alone .I think that any underlying fear dread is met with more anxiety ,so its understandable that winter itself instigates further feelings of higher heating bills ,less opportunity to get out and about ,all the pitfalls that accompany winters harsh elements..hope you can get to grips with whatever is bugging you in the winter and that knowing this forum exists for us to express our concerns.hope you are feeling better.

Hi Marc0133. Is there anything in specific about the holidays or winter that you don't like? Anything that has happened to you around this time of year?

Well I kinda get stressed when the holiday season comes soon but I've always been able to manage that. These days my anxiety gets worse and makes me feel like not myself whenever Winter comes along. I don't know why that is.

It's probably the stress. Maybe it affects you more than you think.

Hi! The holiday season is just a stressful and frantic time, so that could be adding to it! It shouldn't be a stressful time, but alas, it is. Also, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) kicks in usually in the winter. With less sunlight, less time outside and more time inside, our bodies can naturally start to feel depressed or anxious. What things usually help you to feel better?

I think the weather is impacting your mood. A good way to brighten up your day is to have interests that keep you busy. I hope you can find hobbies you enjoy.

I can totally relate to this! I feel as if it’s the cold because it always makes me stiff and I just get panicky about everything because the holidays and that means social interaction for me 🙃

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