Anxiety Has Come Back

Hello For The Past Few Months My Anxiety Has Been Manageable, But As Of Lately I Feel Like I'm Loosing Control Again, There Are Some Stressors That May Factor In, & My Therapist & Dr Has Been Trying To Convince Me To Up My Meds But I Haven't I Feel Like I'm Worrying About Everything Again. I'm Sure Someone Can Relate & Offer Some Tips, Thanks.


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  • Try to just relax and maybe try to exercise and maintain a routine that will you busy and strong !

  • Your right I do need to stick to a routine

  • You can do it (:

  • There is always going to be days where your anxiety is more manageable than others. At least for me. It's just about managing it. Definetaly if you are dealing with extra stress it will be harder. Getting enough sleep and down time, trying to excersice every day ( even if it's a 30 min walk) healthy eating habits.. And managing stress are all key factors that make or break my day

  • Thank you for the advice, I do need to find ways of coping

  • I needed to up my meds last year I was very reluctant to do that but I'm glad I did the anxiety went back into its box and I'm keeping the lid closed

  • Yes I've been told to for months, I guess it's time!

  • I had been anxiety free for a good six months, then it reared its ugly head three days on the trot.i managed it a lot better than I used to, by using techniques I have been shown in CBT and different groups. I took myself to see my doc tabs just started crying. I have been happy and well since Christmas, finally opening up and getting counselling for my historical child abuse, I suffered from the age of 5-14 by my brothers. Which then started me on a downward spiral. Failed attempt at suicide, and then onto drugs. Now age 56, I've started to live my life. So I asked my doctor to up my meds and she did. I have done amazingly , completely turned my life around, and have no intentions of going back to depression, anxiety, panic attacks! I pat myself on the back for recognising I am still healing and need more help. Upping my meds is temporary but necessary! I already feel positive and feel no anxiety. I feel blessed x

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