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anxiety side effects (?)

my anxiety got bad again on Saturday and come Saturday night i was feeling unwell with headaches, dizziness, ache in chest and arms and was shivering in bed and couldn't sleep. Since then i've had a constant headache, the usual neck pain i get and aches in my chest and arms. oh and a bit of stomach cramps......can anxiety cause all this? am asking as I've only been feeling unwell since my anxiety got bad again.

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HI RELS i have been told that these are all symptoms of anxiety we ache because we are tense all the time our muscles are tight and we do not relax we cannot sleep because our brains are thinking and working overtime i hate the dizzy feeling i can cope with most other symptoms but the dizzyness gets me everytime so the answer is yes anxiety can cause all this so try not to worry i am a fine one i worry everyday x x


Milo 1 is spot on. Anxiety comes with hundreds of symptoms and everytime you get a new pain or ache its natural you worry cause the anxiety does what it does best and takes over your mind. The way I deal with bad times is to lie down flat on my back and listen to some music and take slow deep breathes this will help relax the body all over and the symptoms should ease. I'm no doctor but it does help me.

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yes anxiety can cause this and more but best to allways get checked by a doc

i get a lot of dizzy spells chest pain etc etc but before i put everything down to anxiety i get a check over


i get alot of symtons with my anxiety, shakes, fever, feeling sick, worst headache ever feels like it could burst, sore throat, the runs really bad. feeling so drained its hard to get up and not feeling like im here, i find the only way to get through bad anxiety day is to fight through it, get up and get out keep distracted. i get them moments of omg i can feel a fever coming on, and i telll myself to shut up and it tends to work lol. accidently done this a few times when ive been stood in a shop and had a few funny looks like omg shes talking to herself lol,. but it works for me so thats the important thing .


There are so many symptoms and even though I have had anxiety for ages, when I get the symptoms I still look them up!! Anyway I found the longest list ever on anxietycentre.com/anxiety-s... it made me feel loads better!!!!


I get quite a lot of muscle twitching with my anxiety, especially my eyelid.


thanks for your replies,its very reassuring, I've been quite bad today with neck and shoulder pain. Scully that list you put a link up for is very helpful. I am surprised at how many of the symptoms i'm actually having....its a fair few. start back on the CBT tomorrow and doctors Friday about it all so fingers crossed i get some help.


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