Not even that anxious!

I've been getting pretty bad physical symptoms of anxiety the last three months, I didn't even think I was that anxious of a person! Does anyone else ever feel like they're not even that anxious? Yet you're still burdened by panic attacks and physical symtoms of anxiety?

Side note, I have been through extensive testing and things are mostly normal, and I do obsess over my health


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  • Same here, I have all sorts of physical problems and everyone says its stress or anxiety, but I certainly don't feel that way. Have a good day

  • Me too really bad not sure if it's my meds that the doctor upped or anxiety or something else

  • I hate never knowing what's going on haha. Atleast a diagnosis would help me not worry about everything else

  • Hi Porgadeshou, Sometimes we don't realize what may be bothering us, although you did mention you obsess over your health. I have always felt that anxiety doesn't come out of nowhere. There usually is a reason behind it and being an anxious person just magnifies the fear. I wish you and others well wishes. Take care.

  • Thanks for the advice, helpful as always

  • Do you get tense neck and shoulder muscles? These muscles can constrict the arteries carrying blood to the brain and cause the automatic brain responses to go into flight or fight mode, which can set up a vicious circle. Sitting hunched over a computer, as most of us are compelled to do these days, can be a contributing factor. I know, I've been there. My personal view is that not enough attention is paid to possible physical causes before the prescription for anti-depressants is handed out. Keep asking and researching and I'm sure you will find some relief.

  • Yes I actually do get this a lot. Thanks for the tip! And I completely agree, doctors just put anxiety under a big net and don't look for the cause

  • Hi Porgadeshou, how are you doing today? I personally think that getting everyone's input on anxiety helps us think it through more rationally. I wish

    this for you. Our own thoughts just seem to make us more anxious. Hearing

    success stories as well as coping skills helps me to think more positively.

    Hoping today is a little bit better than yesterday but not as good as you will

    feel tomorrow :) Take care my friend.

  • Thanks for the constant support! Today was definitely better than yesterday but I still think I have a bit to go. I'm new to all of this and it's really getting to me! I just have to get back on top

  • Hi Pandora, that's really what it's all about. Finding the root causes of your symptoms and then start working on an answer. x

  • When you say bad symptoms, do you mind going over what those symptoms are? I too obsess over my health. It's hell! Right now my neck is all out of whack, I get these weird headaches, more annoying than anything, my vision seems blurry with foggy brain. I'm a mess!!!! Take care & stay strong. We are all here if u wanna chat

  • This was exactly me a month and a half ago. Now I'm getting really weird heart sensations like chest tightness and fast pulse and so fourth. I still have a foggy head with weird blurry vision but my neck is better and the headaches are mostly gone. the neck stiffness was the worst haha, good luck and remember that it can go away on its own just like it did for me.

  • Yeah and I now catch myself clenching my teeth. The body can sure be a gift and a curse. Thanks for your input. It helps

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