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Not Sure If I Have Anxiety


For the past three years I've been suffering in silence. My body constantly feels like it's twice as heavy, like my skin is made from leader. It feels like the ground is constantly trying to pull me down. When I am standing I feel like sitting, when I am sitting I feel like laying down. When I am laying down, I feel like laying down.

I've also got a foggy mind, I find it hard to think clearly, concentrate or become motivated.

I've been drinking energy drinks just to have enough energy to shower, to brush my teeth to cook a meal.

I've been excising more in the hopes of increasing my energy levels so I can have enough level to make this condition more bearable. After finishing excising I feel worse. It feels like the more I try the more I am punished.

I was taken to the A&E because I was Googling methods for suicide. I don't know how long I can cope feeling like this.

Anyone suffered through these same symptoms that could maybe help shred some light?

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Hi. I am sorry you have been suffering for such a long time. Well suffer in silence no longer my friend - you have come to the right place. :-) This group is full of people who have suffered, and are still suffering, from the same condition that you have. So you will find a lot of support and care here.

If anyone ever asked for an insight into the symptoms of anxiety disorder then they could be referred to your post. Have you never gone to a doctor about this before? If not then you must have extraordinary inner strength to be able to put up with all that for 3 years. But it might be time now to consult that doctor. From that you will be able to get any physical tests done that need to be done, which will help reassure you that you have no awful physical illness. In additional you can ask about therapy- which is the most successful cure for anxiety. Might be you also have associated conditions like ocd - also an issue for therapy.

I know how hard it can be to live with this illness - but it is not worth dying for my friend. So stop looking at those sites please. If there is a time when you really feel bad there are alternatives - like the Samaritans for example. And of course you can come here for support and care.

But I really think that your doctor is the first port of call so that you can get a proper examination and diagnosis. When that is done then you can think about treatment plans with your doctor. I hope you will be able to feel better soon and that you get the help you need to make that happen.



I've been two to GPs (general practice) one sent me to a dietitian who was just some guy in a library who weighed me and told me healthy foods to eat. Which I felt like was wasting my time and not getting to the source of the problem. Then the same GP wanted to send me to anti depressant meetings. Then i thought I would try a different doctor who just stared at me like I had two heads.

While at the A&E I saw two nurses which both told me to keep going back to GPs, I kept getting different information from different people.

All I want to do is talk to someone else who has suffered from my symptoms and how the coped with it. I'm thinking about making a list of possible causes and then crossing them off one by one if only I could visit GP which would take me seriously and not throw pills at me as a quick fix.

I feel like I'm losing my mind.


That is an awful response you have had, especially from the doctors. The thing is that people dont cope with anxiety on their own. There has to be some kind of medical or psychological intervention. Its true that we can cope with some of the symptoms anxiety causes - but coping is not curing. Anxiety rarely just goes away by itself - so that is why therapy is a good way forward. Therapy will help you get to the root of the problem and help you overcome it. I normally dont have much to do with medication myself as I believe that it usually only masks the problem - but I agree that there are some people who can benefit from short term medication. Short term meaning weeks rather than years. But of course only you can decide that for yourself.

The most important thing is that you find a doctor who will do his/her job properly. I understand your frustration with the idiots you had before, but believe me, there are good doctors out there. I have a partner who is one :-) Try again to find the right one for you. Its the best way forward to an eventual cure. You are not losing your mind by the way. You are frustrated and angry and scared and probably feeling lonely. You have support here to help with that.



You really are incredibly strong willed asKarl just said. The first week of first really hitting a low I had no clue what was going on just thought I was losing the plot. The be t few days I thought I must be depressed I freaked out even further at this thought and was screaming to myself I need help. I saw the doctor and omg I thought I needed locking away I really thought I had gone mad. You have such a strength to have felt like this in silence for so long but now we are all here to share the load from you, no need for silence now. You have already proven how strong you are now is the time to channel that strength into kicking anxieties ass.

Firstly you need to visit a Dr if you haven't already as Karl also said. It's a huge step going but it makes such a difference once you know what help is available to you. You don't have to take medications if offered them it is your choice. Personally I grabbed the beta blockers offered as I wanted to start to feel less of a physical wreck but personal preference, choices and also your medical history etc all come in there and do not feel pressured into taking anything you don't want to but do rest assured that I think I can speak for 90% of those of us here who do take any medication for anxiety that we have all worried endlessly about the side effects we may experience so this is normal.

Finally, please stay away from those sites. You are to strong for them and thus wretched illness us not worth your life. All its worth is an ass kicking no matter how hard or daunting that may seem x

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But my only question is why does my body constantly feel heavy from the moment I wake up, to the moment I fall asleep. It feels like my skin is made from lead. I'm constantly wanting to sit down, and when sitting down laying down.

After working out today my body feels three times heavier.

I've been thinking about making a list of causes and then crossing them off one by one. Until I find a solution.

The only thing on my mind right now is getting away from these constantly feeling of feeling fatigued. I wish it would just go away.


Its the anxiety that's causing you the fatigue. That's what it does. The body is forced into working overtime and after some time it wears the body out and exhaustion and fatigue ensues. be sure to see a doctor to get a proper diagnosis to know exactly what you're dealing with and rule out any other potential disorders such as depression, which could just as well make you feel fatigued.

that way your doctor can more accurately prescribe you with the proper medication for your specific situation. It is not by any means a quick fix but it will help you feel like you can function again by reestablishing key neurotransmitters that may have gone awry. Again, you have to absolutely get the right medication for you and work closely with a doctor you can trust.

Working out helps immensely. if you can stick with it week after week, after several weeks it won't feel so taxing because you will have formed a habit of working out.

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I've just been to visit my local GP and I filled in a health report, done a self referral to Healthy Minds, and been given information about CBT. I'll be seeing my GP again in three weeks.

Has anyone here ever taken Saint John Worts? I've tried them about 2/3 years ago but they made me feel happy for no reason. I'm wondering if I should try them again or not....


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