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Cry when things get tough


Maybe this is a reaction of my anxiety, but every time I am going through something even slightly financially difficult I cry. A month ago I got into a car accident and they wanted to total my car and I broke down in a sobbing wreck because I couldn't afford to go out and get a new car, not with the tiny little payout they wanted to give to me. Thankfully I was able to get it fixed and I got it back this weekend, but now there's a new issue that is unrelated to the accident and it's costing me a couple hundred to get it fixed. I called home to talk to my parents about it and I was crying - again, and I just hate it. I don't understand why I cry so easily now. Last year my old car broke down on the side of the high way at midnight 30 miles from home and at the time I was a 24 year old girl by myself and I didn't cry then. I just feel so weak and dumb, like why can't I just handle it?

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Remember it’s OKAY to cry! Don’t beat yourself up over it, you’re doing the best you can.

Thanks. I just hate crying.


You seem overwhelmed when things go wrong, possibly financial.

All I will say you are not alone, when I was in my twenties I went through a rough time when I had started work and money was tight. I was never given help by family and I ended up having to tickle my girlfriend so I could move on.

Generally it will get betting, there is nothing wrong crying about life problems, if man or woman. We all go through periods of financial worries it does get easier, as we get older sometimes.


Thank you for the advice. I am trying to remember that I'm not alone in this. It's just hard sometimes.

I am sixty eight year old male and still have the odd bawl, it is worse if you try and keep it in.

We are a nation of people who do not like to show others our feelings


Crying is a good way to release stress. Don't feel bad about it. If you feel like youre crying excessively try to remember that things could be worse. I was worried about my finances about a week ago and then things got ten times worse. It led me to having some serious anxiety that I'm still trying to get over. Try doing some breathing exercises or meditating. I know it's difficult but it's not worth becoming sick over. Stay blessed my friend.

Thank you for the advice. Sometimes I do feel like any inconvenience in my life can easily upset me. Like the other day I just got my car back from the shop, and I discovered yet another problem on it and had to send it back in. I'm trying to find ways to relief stress - I light my two favorite candle scents at night before I go to bed and read a book and that calms me down before bed - but it doesn't feel like enough.

Crying is normal! Some people (me included) cry more. It's just who we are! and, life is tough. But, I think the more we go through it, the easier it gets to face life. You are not weak, but I am praying that you will gain strength and be able to face financial situations!

Hello friend, crying during difficult situations isn't bad. Perhaps, you're just a little overwhelmed or stressed. I'm your age, and I have done the same all of my life. I am changed now thanks to self-control and God's help.

Don't beat yourself up. It'll get better in time if you practice self-control (being slow to anger and frustration). This will pass! :)

Thank you for the kind words. It’s been hard lately and this week especially has been difficult. I keep waiting for things to settle down and they won’t

You're welcome. They will settle down. Take control and choose to have better days. Try not to expect bad. Refuse to give up! I've been there. I disliked the disappointment I had whenever I cried about something petty thing (especially in public)...For instance, when I failed my driving exam 2-3x in a row! I later learned to fight my feelings and take control of my actions. And, honestly, I can see today that I feel more powerful not getting upset so easily, rather than thinking I was so powerful by screaming and acting out. It's a process. But, I'm sure you'll get there if you try hard and fight your flesh!

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