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I hate it when my mind starts thinking about death

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Well I was trying to nap but my mind won't let me so as I've been given advice by so many on here, I won't force myslef to sleep. I am very frustrated though. earlier today I had a football game to be to plus I did some interviews while I was there for my business and at first I was ok until the sun came out. I tried drinking water while being out there but I began to feel weak and drained, lightheaded. I couldn't really stand up and move about how i once did before this anxiety came back on me. So luckily I made it through but I'm still getting the aftermath. And i think my anxiety had kicked in while I was out there because the whole time I was worried hoping I wouldn't passed out. But I made it home. But now I'm feeling doomed, body feels warm, head feels warm, fatigued. So I attempted to lie down hoping I could just get some rest and this would pass but then there went my mind to racing thoughts of death and what ifs. So like I've been advised from many on here to let my mind and thoughts do what it's gonna do. Don't try to fight it. Since I can't take this nap I'll get up and do something to distract myslef. But I hate thinking like this. Ive talked to God as I lay here. I just want these thoughts to go away. But I keep thinking that the next second, minutes, hour, or even the next day something is going to happen. Maybe is it because I feel warm and a bit of upset stomach the first thing I think is how sick am I and will it get worse 😢

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Your thoughts are causing you to feel sick, but those feelings and symptoms are never going to hurt you!! You say you're feeling very fatigued and just want to get some rest, try a relaxing bath or some sleepy time or herbal tea, it could help ease your mind, it always helps me. Try not to focus on the future or even the past that's too much for one person to handle, focus on right now and tell yourself everything will be okay 😊

I'm sure you are right. I had already began to have worry and negative thoughts when I first got out there and I think also because the sun did drain me and made me feel drained easily I started getting worried even more. But because it's only 6 15pm here its still early I will watch a movie or get on my laptop and do some edits on my interviews I fid hopefully that will distract my thoughts a bit. And tonight before bed I will have some herbal tea that relaxes which I've had this tea in my home for a long time and I've never even opened the box but i will tonight give it a try to see if it may actually help. Thank you for responding to quickly and reassuring me that I'm ok.

Yeah the sun can definitely do that to you. Staying cool and hydrated is very important too! But that sounds like a great idea, definitely relax and enjoy yourself a cup of tea. Anytime, I'm glad I could help!

Death is natural and part of life. Iv found instead of fighting my symptoms just letting them be. They go away on their own. I acknowledge them but let them be I always worry about death as well until I tell myself if it's gonna happen nothing will stop it there's no point living in constant fear .

And thus is very true. I've said constantly that if I can get over my feat of death I can probably get through this better. And the sad thing is before the anxiety and mild depression came back on me this bad I was living. I had a fear of death then and have always feared it but it never got the best of me this bad until thus health anxiety came down on me now its like a have to train myself again. But you're right it's no point in living in fear and it's causing me not to live

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