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i think i have POTS. we are in process of figuring it out. my heart rate def jumps. in the mornings or going up steps it goes from 80 something to 115ish or even 130 when i first wake up. but then it comes back down to the 90’s and later on in the day it’ll come back to 80’s even when standing. i’m also lightheaded everytime i stand up. palpitations. any advice? i just lost at baby at 37 weeks. and now this. i’m gong through so much and these symptoms are so debilitating. always out of breath, chest pain, and tons and tons of anxiety and depression. all i wanted to do was start trying again for a family

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I have all of those symptoms too..and was diagnosed with POTS....I want to know what causes POTS.....how did I get it...I just woke up one morning with it....so strange....I hate it ...I have been bedridden for 5 months....when getting up symptoms are horrible


there is no one cause and no POTSIE patient is the same as another

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