Constant worry over health and aches and pains

Hiya everyone came across this group by chance,

I'm a 31 year old male work as a scaffolder about 5 months ago it started with chest pains which was constant I put it down to stopping smoking weed after 10 years of doing so I read about it makes you have chest pain and everything what comes with aniexty! As part of withdrawal. Anyway after been taken in to hospital twice by ambulance and twice by going to a&e they did ecg and chest X-ray and bloods all came back clear. I've been told it's acid reflux and axiexty by another doctor I don't really have an argument if every test came back clear. One doctor said it was muscular due to my job (scaffolders labourer) which I admit is a heavy duties job. Anyway the help I'm after off people and feedback is for the following, along with the chest pain I've had burining in my upper back a tight neck stiff back and I just talk myself into that I have something seriously wrong with me. Can aniexty really give you all these pain burning sensations dizziness etc etc or can a chest pull really be that painful we're it spreads into your back and last for months??? I'm thinking a tore a muscle and it just never heals because I'm constantly at work!! I've had a stiff jaw and headaches today as well just to add to things :( be nice to here from people about if they just have constant pain everyday?? Also I get sometimes a feeling we're I actually feel like I'm going to collapse and I think in my head I think it on by focusing on it it's got to the point a few times we're I've had to go home because I've had the chest pain and then some kind of panic attack


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  • Hey, I've been going through something very similar for a few months now. I had the EKGs, blood work, x-rays and then last week an echocardiogram treadmill stress test. All tests came back normal but I still feel so worried!!

  • The part about anxiety is, all these pains you're experiencing you've probably had for a long time... but because of the anxiety you're now starting to hone in on them which make them worse.

  • I have been having chest pains now for three days. It's terrifying I try not to pay attention to it but it's really hard when all of a sudden you get a sharp shooting pain in your chest. I'm pretty sure I have acid reflux but I may have another problem being a digestive problem. I feel like all of my food a majority of the time just sits up on my upper chest , everything with me is chest related. I also get shortness of breath witch drives me effing crazy to. Hope we can all go into 2017 cured!!!!!

  • Perhaps a visit to a Chiropractor would help you get everything aligned and in order. When your neck is out of whack it can make you dizzy. You might have Vertigo from your job and a strain injury which can cause burning sensations. Sounds like you need a vacation.

    Be careful what you eat on the job, sometimes foods can cause gas which can cause chest pains which then leads to panis.

    Relax and take it easy on the job for a bit.

    You'll be fine!

  • I have acid reflux and panic attacks and health anxiety i go thru chest pains and all over body pains some meds work some dont on acid med twice day and klonopin for my anxiety i hope to feel better soon find wat work for u

  • Hello , I do alot of physical labor at my job and I have been told it's muscler as well in my left chest and shoulder blade . When we have anxiety every pain we have we pay more attention to and anxiety makes it worse because we fear the worst and that fear makes our brain signal go to were we think there is something wrong and in return it tries to protect what we think is major wrong .. so yes anxiety can and will make normal aches and pains feel worse . You can not die from anxiety but we can an do get worked up from anxiety . I'm sure it's simple aches and pains that we just over think .. good luck .

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