Illness and anxiety

Hey there. I'm new to this site and boy am i glad I've found it.

So I've been suffering from anxiety for 10 years on and off. It's been under control for most of it but it's returned with a vengeance these past few months and it's soul crippling.

I currently have a throat infection and It's bloody painful and I ain't feeling to hot. I have a temp, can't swallow, completely congested and it's keeping me up.

I'm convinced I can't breath properly, and the mildest of chest pain. I just want to cry!

Does anybody else's anxiety get worse when you're struggling with an illness.

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  • If I get sick, my anxiety goes through the roof. Every sick sensation is exaggerated and brings on panic. Can you take some nighttime cold medicine to help you with your symptoms. I feel your pain and it's awful. Anxiety on top of feeling awful is really awful. Thinking of you and wishing you health and peace.

  • Thank you xx

  • Mldavies sounds like you need to see doctor for throat if you haven't already. when I'm sick I definitely get more anxious! hope you're feeling better soon.🍀

  • Thanks for the reply. I've already been given medicine it's just waiting for them to kick in.

  • always!!!!! IF you are in the UK homeopathy has a lot of remedies for this exact problem.

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