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Severe health anxiety

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I have suffered with health anxiety for years now but lately I'm not coping with it at all. I get chest pain all the time and my first thought is heart attack I've been to a@e a lot over it and each time I'm told my heart is fine but the problem is I don't believe it. I don't understand how someone can have chest pain and have nothing wrong with them. I get vertigo on and off which is very scary I find that every day I'm afraid of having heart attack or something that is going to take me from my kids. I'm scared all the time please can anyone help me.xx

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Hey I have health anxiety too 😔 It's not nice is it!! I have chest pain I had it 2 days ago and I thought I was having a heart attack it comes and goes! I'm going to mention it to the doctor tomorrow! I also get stabbing pains in my lower right stomach that also come and goes 😌 I'm starting cbt on Wednesday so hopefully will have a good outcome from that! Your not alone I don't believe anything the doctor tells me either and it's so sad coz he's probably right!x

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It's horrible having chest pain all the time. I know I should trust my doctor but part of me doubts what he says . And unfortunately I Google and every thing I see on Google will be worst case scenario which sends me into a spiral.xx

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Oh I do I only seen th doctor 2 days ago and I'm going back there for the same thing because I don't believe him so I'm seeing someone else.. I Google too! I tried to block access to it but I couldn't!! Googles told me I have every cancer possible! Its horrendous! Do you take medication? X

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I don't take medication. Was on it before and it didn't agree with me at all. I was in hospital Monday with chest pain and as usual everything was fine but yet here I am 4 days later thinking there is something really bad wrong with me. It is so draining on every level.x

I'm debating wether to get some from the doctor I start cbt Wednesday so I don't know whether to just wait! It's so horrible it's actually makes me feel sad 😔 X

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I've cried many times over this health anxiety and the way it makes me feel. You should talk to your doctor about medication especially if you are struggling. For me it just didn't agree with me .xxx

I understand you completely I've been fighting this 10 years now and u would think I wouldn't freak out with the same symptoms but I do .. I'm on meds which help I've started seeing a therapist hopefully I will feel a bit better I sit and Google everything and gives me the worst and of course that doesn't help at all know that u are not alone so many of us feel the same way hang in there best of luck

Thank you. Doubting the doctor is one of the hardest things when he says I'm ok I don't believe him which is horrible but sometimes there is no other choice but to believe him. X

I know how you feel as I've had health anxiety off and on for over 20 years now.

Every little pain or anything sets me off and Dr Google doesn't help either!

I'd love to be 'normal' and just shrug off the aches and pains like my friends.

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I would give anything to be normal and not think worse case scenario with every ache and pain I get. Dr.Google is the worst thing for people with anxiety but no matter how hard you try to forget what you have read when pain strikes it's the first thing that pops into your head. I've had heart tests done in 2013 and everything was fine but yet I doubt it all. It is so frustrating.

I also find that if I read something to do with heart attack symptoms I start getting the symptoms which is really hard to cope with cause I'm not sure what to do at that stage .x

i wish in eve of Christmas may Santa comes to you and say everything is ok nothing going to happen to you and you are an amazing person let me take your fear away and u live happily. U are in my prayer dear... merry Christmas and wish you a very happy & prosperous new year.

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Thank you. Xxx

I know I'm pretty late, but were you able to get help for your anxiety?

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