Anyone experienced this?

Hello just wondering if anyone gets random pains or tingles or just strange sensations i cant explain I don't notice them if I'm busy but it's normally anywhere chest up including chest shoulders arms neck jaw etc they last a few seconds and go if I dwell on them they stay and get worse is this my anxiety? This is the main cause of my anxiety now everything else had cleared including negative thoughts but these pains worry me any help x


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  • Hi pink. I get this everyday. But mine does not go to quick. I put it down to anxiety. However you could get gp to check it out and put your mind at rest.



  • Hey bonnie so glad to hear its not just me it sends me mad! Thankyou for reply x

  • Hi Hun,me too,burning sensation in my shoulders and top of my arms is worse.I get it in my legs too xxx

  • Yeah get it in my legs occasionally i just wish it would go so I wouldn't worry so much x

  • True,and the more you worry the longer it lasts xxx

  • Hi Pink. I sometimes feel like it's natural aches and pains, but the mind wants to worry about it too much. If it's persistent you should go to the doc, but if it comes on when you are feeling tense it might be anxiety related... at least that seems to be the case with me.

  • Yeah I guess it could be that, thankyou for reply xx

  • I Pink x I have started to get a dull ache in the top of my left breast/chest area and of course anxiety told me that is it you are done for x And then I sat and thought about it and figured it was probs brought on by my insistence on using my ipad in bed and more than likely a strain lolx Anxiety can do wonderful things to our minds over little pains x

  • Ah I think the same! I go through so many symptoms and random pain are the worst i cant find a simple explanation so it worries me x

  • I suffer from anxiety & i always get a weird sensation in my chest mostly between or behind my breast, i can't really explain how it feels but its uncomfortable, like that tingly sensation, it scares me as well, sometimes i get sharp pains on the sides of my breast or in my chest area, my doctor says its muscle spasms & anxiety its freaky.

  • Ah I'm the same its horrible! By far the worst symptom yet! Thankyou for replys so glad it's not just me!xx

  • I get like a tingling in my right arm & right leg it feels like a hot sensation sometimes & normally feels worse at rest. also chest pains I've had for over a year. I'm still kicking thou just goes to show anxiety might play with our minds but it doesn't harm us. I also get a discomfort in my throat left side had camera down all ok so that's my cruel anxiety to. Take care. X.

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