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Lyme disease from UK spider bite?


Hi, a few years ago I got bit on the leg by what I think was a false white spider. I did not see the spider but the wound looks like others who had this bite. I remember the next few days feeling unwell and flu like. Dr gave 2 weeks of antibotics and it took 3 months to heal and I had to get the necrotic tissue cut away. This past 18 months I have had alot of fatigue, I am able to work walk do house work etc but pushing myself further is a no no as I have poor exercise intolerance and lately I have no motivation to even exercise. Last night my middle finger suddenly just became very painful at the joint and is now very swollen. Don't know if that's connected. For past 8 moths have had pain on side of head just above ear and tingling down face plus throbbing sinus at bridge of nose. I see an ENT consultant tomorrow to see if sinus related. So just wondering could I have got lyme from a suspected spider bite? Lyme blood test from GP was fine and 3 thyroid tests fine - I got 2 tests from Medichecks .

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Lyme disease is very hard to diagnose. It looks like a terrible bite. Possibly consider seeing an infectious disease specialist. Insects can carry a variety of diseases.

Caroline369 in reply to b1b1b1

Thank you bibi for your reply. I will see if I can find an infectious disease doctor near me. Yes it was very nasty.

very sorry to hear of your bite and the mark its left on you,it most certainly sounds like Lyme disease though im no authority on it ,though spoke to someone who had contracted it and his description matched your symptoms and I think I recall him saying that its sometimes hard to detect even after test.but hopefully its not.check it out or get back to gp ,just spotted another reply which corresponds with mine be insistent as the sooner its treated the better ,hope that's helped in some small way and that you start to improve.

Thank you Lori, yes I read it's hard to test for also so guess I must do a big more research and see a more specialist person. Thanks for ur reply.

Caroline,good-luck and get back to the forum,hoping that things get sorted out soon-allthe best.

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