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Anxiety and Disequilibrium??

I was wondering if anyone on here has had periods of severe dizziness and equilibrium problems due to stress and anxiety. The past few weeks I have been feeling very off balance when I walk. My calves also feel very tight like I just ran on a treadmill for an hour. This is constant. Does this sound familiar? I have had anxiety symptoms for almost two years now - the dizziness and equilibrium are really acting up right now and not going away. I just get really worried about MS even though I have seen two Neuros who have said that it is not and my MRI was negative. I know I have anxiety , but have never experienced the dizziness for this long before.


Tests I have had within the last two years:

CT of brain w/o contrast (Jan/14)

MRI of brain with and w/o contrast (Feb/14)

CT of Chest and Lungs (July/14)



EMG of Arms


Stress Test

ANA Blood Test

Lyme Blood Test

Cortisol Blood Test

Cardiac Enzyme Test

And many more

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I was told I had vertigo back in march.. I took medication and it didn't help.. as the time went by I started feeling allike the anxiety symptoms. I went back to the Dr and sure enough I was diagnosed with anxiety. . I was referred to a psychologist but still have to make an appointment. .


I have been dizzy with disequilibrium for more than 2 years. It really sucks. Have also had tummy issues along with other things


Yes, I have this as main symptom. Off balance/giddy. I try to accept it but it makes getting through the day with things I have to do very difficult. I think it's tension related, from feet upwards to base of skull, through legs, back shoulders and neck. I even clench my jaw. Eyes get tired from this. I challenged myself, at the weekend, by visiting my son in London (I'm in Scotland). The travelling and stress of busy city has taken it's toll and I've been pretty jittery, since coming back. At least I did it - I told myself. Things will settle again and hopefully my body and mind will accept that there's nothing to fear. I'm pretty tired, too.


Thanks for all of the replies... Yeah it feels like I can't walk sometimes it gets so bad. But I can walk straight etc. It is just the feelings of severe dizziness and off balance.... I am seeing another neuro today since it has picked up as of late... Do you guys try meds when this happens?


I have issues with feeling like I'm standing on a rocking boat and sometime feeling like I'm going to fall. I've had many of the same tests you have with no answers. I do have some issues with neck pain and facial pain on the Rt side as well. I've been told everything from migraines to anxiety. It's very scary! Is your dizziness a spinning dizziness or an off balance feeling?


Hi WorriedWell. I am encountering the same symptoms and was just wondering if you had any update on your symptoms and what, if anything, helped you? Thanks.


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