Fed up with been on edge and worrying

As anyone got any info if counciling is any good? I had a illness when i was younger and it made we think worst on everything but thats all it was but i was ok and felt fine its just the past few months have been worst 4week ago i felt like i was going to die it lasted 2 days but hospital put it down as anxiaty and i need counciling. But since it happened i have not been 100% id that normal ? And my doc wants me to try counciling and meds as last resort


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  • Hi nath

    i am on citalopram 20 mg which is only a low dose and have been to counceling dont get me wrong i still getting my off days but from what i was 5 weeks ago where i didnt want to drive i was too scared wasnt eating sleeping terrible thoughts it was so awful and now after taking them i do feel better and am driving on my own etc the thing is your gp will know best for you and a little help to get you back on track wont harm you get better and dont let it get you down the meds may not work straight away but dont give up with them mine have only just started to work and most of these lovely people on here will tell you same keep with them let me know how you go xxx

  • Cheers i think whats making it worst for me is becsuse it was my first exsperiance with a bad panic attack and since then iv been on edge and not 100% thinking the worst x

  • ah i was exactly the same at christmas love couldnt eat sleep i looked dreadful and when i went to see my gp he said i needed a little help i really didnt want to start taking meds cos dont even like taking paracetomol half the time but was worn out exhausted and just wanted to sleep and the reason i couldnt sleep was because my panic attacks where happening 2 and 3 times during the night which put me to fear everytime i went to bed i hated going to bed cos was so affraid of having them and would wake up wet through with sweat it also put me off driving on my own i have been taking meds for about 5 weeks now love and am feeling so much better just give them a chance to see if they help i was just like you fearing another then another let your gp help you as much as possible xxx

  • I found counselling enormously helpful. My lady was brilliant and really helped me sort my head out. Give it a go!! X

  • I have had massive anxiety in the past because of health issues I had years ago. Give counselling a go and don't be put off if you are not finding it helpful because it could just be that you need to try a different therapist. I had a lovely lady the first time I ever had counselling but a few years later when I tried it again the person I had was not very good - depends on what approach you like - ask them to do CBT, I found it very practical. I was also on medication and that was a life saver because by the time I started taking meds I think I was past being able to get out of the anxiety cycle just with counselling and meditating etc. Good luck, you really will be ok. Read up on GAD too, knowledge is power.

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