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I'm looking for friends that also have health anxiety. Sometimes I feel so alone with this type of anxiety. Physical symptoms are my main cause of panic. I can go a while without having a panic attack but the second something feels funny or hurts I go into panic mode and think the worst. I tend to sit and dwell and then the thought just ruminates over and over and over and then I tend to panic even more. If anyone's up to chatting I would love that.

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I know how you feel

Hi Ajrea2,welcome to the family of support. I suffer with Anxiety,panic disorder,depression,GERD,and just been informed I have bipolar 2 disorder. Oh, I also recently got over a choking phobia,that means I was not able to eat anything without fear of choking on it. I thankfully get through thanks to the love and support from my wonderful husband and my young children. Also, the love and support from my heath unlocked family. You can always contact me if you like. I also do not have any actual friends due to all off my issues. You are in my prayers. I'm always here.


You forgot to let us know you GOT OVER your choking phobia. BRAVO Heather.

Oh,i am so sorry,I thought I posted it. Thank you Indigojoe,it took me a while. I hate saying it but I'm on medication for anxiety,panic disorder,PTSD and OCD. I take other medications for other none mental problems so I don't worry to much on those,I hate having to say I take medications for mental issues. I am in the therapy twice a month as well. I'm grateful for all the help I get here as well,in true I don't have friends anymore due to they could not handle my mental state when I was horrible. Everyones kind words,encouragement and just the thought that they all care including you and understand when others don't makes me feel as if my family has grown. I thank you for all your love and support,I love you and cherish everything you have done to help me and hope to continue to hear from you.


Girl!!! I know exactly how you feel! I do the same exact thing!!! It’s crazy! I am trying to get it to stop. Get it under control. I’m always thinking there is something wrong. Always checking to see when I feel something weird that I have something that’s going to kill me. I can’t get it to stop. I’m so upset by this all. I’m always panicking!

Hello,i have GAD, panic and health anxiety. I understand. I am up and here ifyou need to chat. I am awake because i am shaky and have a nervous twitch in my left arm that bothers me.

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I get the shakes all the time. I can attribute it to is my other illnesses. Have you been diagnosed with anything? I have Chronic Fibromyalgia, Chronic Scoliosis, Severe G.I. tract issues, Clinical depression, Severe Anxiety and panic disorders, and Nerve system issues. I have learnt to accept what I have, to the best of my ability. It's not easy to overcome something you can't control. It's kind of nice to here the story of others. I don't feel so alone.

Health anxiety sufferer here, too. I’d be happy to talk any time you need to. It’s nice to talk to someone who understands what this feels like. I will sometimes have days where I am completely fine and then bam... any sensation in my body can send me into complete panic.

I understand. I am up for chatting. Should we exchange phone numbers and we can text. My email is

this is me. at night my arms tingle and feel weird and i get convinced its bad and can't sleep.


This is me too. I do suffer from health anxiety in which every sensation I feel it sends me into panic attack. I start thinking that there is something wrong with me. It's on and off depends the situation. I'm trying to accept it as I know it's the anxiety.

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Same exact issue here...

I also suffer from severe anxiety with panic episodes. I tend to keep to myself or hang out with my neighbors, all my friends from school and childhood are or were addicted to hard drugs, which makes communication impossible. I took sick a few yrs ago at work and I collapsed, leaving me disabled and unable to work.

Are you taking anything? Have you tried cannabis? If you can not smoke it, you can eat it, cook with the oil's, etc. I was on a load of different drugs for years trying to combat all the ailments of anxiety. My doctor suggested trying it. Since I have been able to stop all heavy pain meds and I used to take Clonazapam 4-5 times a day, I don't take any meds now except for depression meds.

If you would like to chat I'm here for you. Just take it one day at a time. Please try not to worry yourself. It does help to get things off your chest.

Take care hun, I'm here if you need someone to vent to,


You are not alone! I can make almost any part of my body hurt or be uncomfortable if I want to. I notice that if I have some discomfort I am able to make it worse by focusing on it and overthinking what it might be. I have heartburn.. its a heart mumur. My leg is pulsating, i have leg issues and will swell... Headache is a tumor.. it goes on. . The thoughts are worse then the pain or discomfort. I go to the doctor and I instantly raise my bp from 130/79 to 145/90 within minutes.. sometimes higher. She has me on meds and we always discuss this, but it happens. So I fully understand health anxiety...The way I deal with it is.. I say its my anxiety again-- it just wants attention.. acknowledge it, accept it and try and distract myself from it. IF the pain or discomfort disappears when I do this. guess what.. It was in my head!! I hope this helps a little.

thank you everyone for replying! it really puts my mind at ease knowing that I'm not alone! everyday I grow stronger and everyday I'm learning to live a fulfilling life. I will no longer be a prisoner to my anxiety. I'm going to keep fighting because I'm worth it and so is each and everyone of you❤

I have health anxiety as well! It drives me nuts because sometimes I'm just sitting down and I feel pain somewhere and my whole mind goes into overdrive which propels me to freak out and have a panic attack. I've struggled with it for over a year now and one of my problems is feeling like I can't breathe properly? It's infuriating as heck even though I know there's nothing wrong 😭

Yup! I do the same! I hate that one pain or sensation can take over my thoughts and has the power to ruin my day.

I am here with you!!!! Literally everyday I find something else new wrong with me. Right now, I have had a leg twitch for about 2 weeks. I was convinced it was ALS, nerve damage, etc. even though I truly think it may be anxiety related. I’m always battling about going to the doctor and being looked at like I’m dumb or I’m afraid if I ignore it and it turns out to be bad that it’ll be too late to get treatment. It puts such a damper on my life. Why are we so scared about being sick, dying etc when we don’t even have a good quality of life due to worry?

I have the same symptoms at the moment mine is based around my weight and talking to the GP about it. I see myself as a grossly overweight individual and hate looking at myself undressed I know how you feel Gail

Me too 😩😩 I need to communicate with y’all!

Oh yes hunny, I have severe health anxiety. My anxiety solely dwells around my symptoms and how I feel 24/7.. it’s a bad obsession, really 😩

I can understand....

In my case I feel dizzy off balance all the time...

And feeling anxious... Panic attack are rare... but it is horrible when it comes with vertigo...

Now I feel off balance nd extremely fAtigue nd weak...


Hello I am the same exact way... especially when I go somewhere and feel weird or dizzy or something I panic bc I am not home... it is ruining my life !

I completely get this. I am unbelievably terrified of my own body and am constantly analysing every sensation I experience. I am so scared all the time and it's ruining my life. I was sat in a work meeting today spending the entire time just thinking about a cough I have had since contracting a couple of colds in the last 2 months. That one word alone that I think about all the time paralyses me with fear.

I too have had all those anxiety problems and you can get through this,not overnight but you can do chat anytime.

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