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Hi. Had a nice day today felt really relaxed and calm then came home sat down and within about 10 min I started getting flashing white lights I the corner of my left eye. I never had this before so started to panic and stress then it all starts again feeling sick etc etc has anyone had this with anxiety before and why dose it happen when you are calm I don't understand this at all.


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  • HI Miami x Well done on finding some nice relaxing time for yourself. DOnt try to worry about the flashes in your eyes, I get them often mostly if Im tired x Or if I have been outside in the bright light and come indoors x If you are worried the optician can sort it out x The panic will of triggered as you have set off the adrenalin rush with worry x It will die down try to not over think x It can come when you are calm, as being busy means anxiety cannot play as you block it out without realising x Now your calm and have time to think, it wants to play x Your in control, tell him to go away xx

  • Hi Donver22 Thank you for your reply sometimes when I get the normal symptoms I can just about cope but when you get awful new ones I get so worried and start shaking it all goes back to thinking how can this be anxiety however much I read it all comes back to thinking how can anxiety make you feel so ill.xx

  • I am shocked sometimes about what anxiety can do to you, but I had it explained to me as the fight /flight cannot make you run there is no danger so it bothers you and plays with your parts and hence all the symptoms, x Its an awful thing to have xx New things are bad but soon they will be old ones and you will be off and out againxx

  • The more relaxed and happy I am the more I come crashing down with some pain, ache, strange feeling, flashing lights or a dozen other health worries.

    It's like the HA waits until you're feeling better so it can jump you and make things as worrying as possible.

    I get flashes in the corner of my eye off and on. Nothing to worry about.

  • Hi Bramwell ok thank you how long did your flashes last mine were about 30 min. Take care

  • I really can't remember as I get them so often. The more you wiggle your eyes around trying to see if they're there the longer they'll last. Just ignore them and they'll go away.

    Incidentally I also get one bright flash in the corner of my eye sometimes. Originally I thought it was something to do with my contact lens and light reflection, but I get them when I don't have my lens' in so obviously not that. I've had them for decades.

  • Hi. Ok cheers I still can't believe the weird things that appear with this awful problem.

  • I suffer from migraine without pain (aura) and this gives me flashing lights in front of my eyes, various shapes, sometimes circles, sometimes zig zags. Sometimes I can see 2 of things in front of my eyes. It was very frightening the first time it happened to me, I thought I was having a stroke. I think you should go to the doctor so that you can rule out any physical causes and put your mind at rest. It could well be anxiety as anxiety can cause all sorts of strange things.

  • Thank you and will do.

  • it can be migraine, but it's always better to get new symptoms checked out by your gp. you can also call the nhs direct number 111.

    let us know how you are.



  • Hello Miami. It is almost certainly just an aural migraine and is nothing to worry about. You can get this without any headache. Staring at a computer screen, or the strip lights they have in offices etc can bring it on.

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