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Hello everyone, I am and have been suffering with health anxiety for just over 3 months after a 1st time panic attack ended up in A&E and since then I have not been the same. I have had random pains, aches, headaches , dizziness. I have literally seen every doctor at my surgery sometimes even 2 or 3 times. I have been at the doctors for about 1-2 times every week. I am starting too feel a bit better and am waiting for cbt as I do not want to take sertraline which I have been prescribed I am scared of the side effects. I have bloods test done 3 times in around 1-2 months and they have comeback as raised for inflammation which sent me in a right panic and I just couldnt sleep or anything. I have since been too the doctors again who have said its probably sinus problems and have given me meds. I worry about every bump, mark, pain I get and its does drive me crazy. I am such a panicker and I worry so much just would like someone who understands how it feels.


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  • Hello,

    I have severe health anxiety and was also prescribed Zoloft but never took it due to the fear of the side effects. I am currently suffering from stomach issues and indigestion and fear I have stomach cancer. I have lost weight and my appetite and cannot concentrate on my work due to my symptoms.

    Feel better,


  • Hiya oh no sorry too hear that have you been too your gp? xx

  • Hello,

    I have a scheduled appointment for Friday. I just fear the worst and hate going to the doctors.

  • Iknow I do too hun so hard isn't it

  • Hi,i know exactly how u feel.i had all sorts of issues when i was on fertility treatment,i had awful side effects,then i gog pregnant and had a few problems when pregnant but then after i had post natal depression and got 2 the point i was put on antidepressants(sertraline).as time went on i started 2 feel more relaxed,i stopped panicking about everything but came of them as i was on other meds awful again,every ache and pain im panicking,im scared theres something wrong with me,i need reassurance but i know im ill.i wasnt on my antidepressants long enough,my mood is low,im highly strung,the slightest thing makes me snap,i feel like i could cry.i know i have 2 go back 2 the docs and go back on the sertraline.dont worry about the side affects,if u feel bad stop taking them but u need 2 give them a chance.i feel like im living in hell,im driving myself crazy and its no good 4 me or the people around me.i hope u feel happier soon.xx

  • Hiya hun oh no im so sorry horrible health anxiety isnt it it eats up your life. I will think about taking them im currently waiting on cbt xx

  • Hi chelsealouise33x, once we have that first panic attack, we are scared and bewildered in what happened to us that we start focusing in on our bodily symptoms. Each one to us feels like a crisis, like we may die. Once that thought is in our mind, the anxiety continues to grow. We go from doctor to doctor, test after test. We want an answer and yet we are scared. The longer the anxiety goes on we become paranoid in taking any meds to help us. I use to have a line up of pills (untouched) but yet would continue to go back to the doctor saying, please help me. After a while the doctors tend to pick out some minute problem that hopefully will satisfy us as to why we feel so bad. We question our doctors and wonder if they aren't missing something. We feel no better coming out of the doctor's office as we did going in. Will there ever be a magical answer to this fear? I spent everyday wishing it would go away, hoping I would wake up the next morning and I'd be back to my normal self. What is normal? Normal is different for everyone. Maybe if we were so happy this wouldn't have happened in the first place. Maybe there was something in our lives that made our minds strongly take over and give us this fear/this panic. Whatever started it, is in the past now. Once we have done all we can regarding doctors and tests, it is up to us to decide if we want this hanging over our heads for the rest of our lives or are we willing to put it aside and live. I read a book of quotes once from "Dancing in the Rain". Basically it's about living life even though it's raining. Learn to embrace each day and make the best of it. Wishing you well x

  • Hiya hun thanks so much for them words its actually true I am trying so hard to embrace each day and I will get there and I will be better just taking time :) but thank you means alot x

  • Yes I can relate to health anxiety issues. I too am constantly worried and afraid of the next minute. Every little sensation, feeling, ache, every single thing I notice and I cannot even focus on anything else some times. It's like I'm in tunnel vision. And i too have become so afraid if taking any medication because if being worried of the side effects. When one time before I'd take medicines as needed if I had something go on with no problems. Now it's like any medication to me I think it'll make it worse or kill me.

  • I know exactly, I feel the same just horrible isn't it and some people just do not understand and the same with doctors. I have had raised blood tests results showing inflammation so that has sent me in a panic as doctors do not know what it is but apparently after today's app as was getting worried it just sinus problems but I never seem to believe them its terrible x

  • I some times think I have sinus issues too because I get head pressure a lot, ear pressure, mild ear ache on one side. Which I don't know if anxiety can make you feel this way or it could be sinus pressure. I was even wondering can constantly crying cause this symptoms too because I've been crying so much going through all of this. A lot of blowing my nose from crying so much

  • Best get checked over with your gp as sometimes sinus problems can come & go but Im sure its just all to do with anxiety thats what I think alot of my symptoms are to do with

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