Heart palpitations

Hello, recently I've been having heart palpitations - flipping, skipping and racing. I have had like 10 ecg's, full blood tests, x-ray.. It was all clean so they blame it on anxiety..but sometimes I get them all of a sudden,no reason behind them.. I usually get lightheaded right before that, or extremely weak. I have had all other symptoms like chest pain, headaches, irritated eyes, weakness,nausea... Is it really anxiety?


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  • As long as you've been to the doctors I wouldn't worry about it! I've been having the same exact problems and the moment I start to freak out more or think about it too much the "symptoms" get worse. It sounds just like anxiety and what I have going on right now! You'll be fine, just find lots of ways to get your mind off of it!

  • I get these too and they come out of the blue even when I'm totally calm and lying down. Trust your doctor. Are you healthy for the most part?

  • Yes,completely. I am 20.

  • Then it's most likely 100% linked to your anxiety. I know how hard it is to accept that I'm dealing with the same thing right now but you have to to get past these worries which will in turn reduce your palpations.

  • Hi,

    It could even be a subconscious thought and that is why you think it comes on all of a sudden. It is not nice and like other replies the more you think about it the worse it gets. Try breathing techniques. Breath in to the count of 4, hold for 2 and then breath out to the count of 4. Do this slowly and make sure your tummy rises. It could take 20 mins but it keeps you focused on your breathing and calms you down. Also meditation is good.


    Hope this helps. Take care.

  • Hello, he prescribed me some medication for anxiety but he said it is very addictive and I've only had this problem for a month so I don't know if it will be good to start. i had an accident in March and that's when it started. I just keep believing that there is something wrong with my heart, especially when it skips or flutters. I am waiting for a 24 ecg and once that turns out good I hope this fear will all be gone.

  • my anxiety comes out of the blue, no warning, mine affects me more with feeling short of breath, worse when laid down and at bedtime. my doctor gave me propanalol, its a beta blocker, it really helps. glad all your tests are fine, focus on that when you have your attacks, x

  • hi. I feel exactly the same with similar symtoms. the doctor says its anxiety

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