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Recently lost a family member and two friends, one quite unexpectedly. I have grown increasingly anxious about everything. I think there is also some depression going on, but not excessive. All of this culminated in panic attack ending up in the ER. followed up with my physician, who put me on lexapro. It made me deathly nausea, dizzy, trouble talking and sleeping - after one dose. I decided it was not for me. Pharmacist told me I could stop, but it would take some time to get out of system. Now been 4 days. Most symptoms have finally resolved, but I am breaking out in random hand and foot sweats - literally dripping. I am looking for a support group, as I do not want to deal with medication that leaves me worse off. Any suggestions?

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AnxiousMom, your anxiety symptoms are perfectly understandable, you have lost three people close to you and you are grieving. People grieve in different ways, in your case it has taken the form of an anxiety attack and feeling generally anxious.

Loss can cause our nerves to become over reactive, we suspect danger at any moment, this is the reason for feeling constantly anxious. It can also cause a host of other physical symptoms such as your hand and foot sweats.

Accept these symptoms for the time being, it's important not to stress or obsess about them, let them take their course. Obsession will make them stay, accepting them ensures that all in good time they will be on their way.

Do not fear the sweats, they are uncomfortable but harmless. They are not signs of real physical illness, they are just the symptoms of over wrought nerves. Your depression sounds like secondary depression which is to say we become depressed about being anxious. When the anxiety resolves so will the mild depression.

All this will pass, AnxiousMom, you have nothing to fear, your mind and nervous system are reacting normally to the trauma of your loss.

Indigojoe in reply to Jeff1943

Jeff knocked it out of the park. Compassionate, insightful, and spot on.

Anxious, you are going to be just fine. Give yourself a chance to feel the loss, and go through this. It is a normal passage.

Sucks but normal.

What a terrible time it has been for you. That's a lot of sadness you have had to deal with all at once. You certainly have been overwhelmed and have not had a chance to recover because of one after another series of losses. It's no wonder you are feeling anxious.

I wonder if your doctor could suggest counselling and/or medication. I for one have used Serapax (this is in Australia), and only have needed a quarter of a 30mgs tablet to get relief from crippling anxiety. If I needed to take half or a whole it's always there for me. I have never taken a whole tablet. I dislike taking medications so the doctor knows the addictive issue is not one with me. Maybe that's all you need, to help you gain some normality and to be able to have a chance to breathe and calm down and have some peace. If they feel you need to move onto AntiDepressants then so be it. I personally have been prescribed Aropax, which for me has been wonderful. I did take Zoloft a few years ago, and they were ok but not totally helping me with Panic and Anxiety. Aropax was better suited in my case as it covers Anxiety, Depression and OCD. You may only need them for a short time..... but they help and that's what they are there for.

If you experience side effects, then they only last a few days. Zoloft did give me side effects, a little bit of dizziness , stomach upset and nausea which was only for about three days. Aropax gave me no side effects at all.

There is no shame in taking them, it takes courage I believe. It takes guts to accept help and to listen and to let go of fears and to stop being stubborn. 

What you are experiencing is absolutely normal. Nothing dangerous is going on here. 

Breathe breathe breathe.

Calming Breath

Take a long, slow breath in through your nose, first filling your lower lungs,
then your upper lungs.
Hold your breath to the count of "three."
Exhale slowly through pursed lips, while you relax the muscles in your face, jaw, shoulders, and stomach.

Do this until you feel relief. Can take up to five, maybe ten minutes at first ... just give it a try. I often have a nice warm shower which helps me.

Big hug

AnxiousMom in reply to saturn2k

I am determined to overcome this. I am certainly not opposed to pharmaceutical help, but I am generally very sensitive to any medication. I am looking for counseling or support groups in my area. Today I adopted a young cat. Seemed to help to have someone to take care of instead of dwelling on myself. I am trying to focus on the positive things in my life. I also discovered an online counseling service, which I intend to try. Thank you so much for all your replies.

saturn2k in reply to AnxiousMom

You are terrific. You are showing so much courage. How lovely you adopted a cat.

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