Severe Anxiety Please Help!!!!!

I need help and my doctor won't help me. I have severe anxiety and constantly fear dying. I am always thinking negative thoughts and I try my hardest to get my mind on something else, but it always goes back to my fears. I get fuzzy headed, chest racing, can't take deep breaths even though I try. Is there anyone that can help me figure out a way to get rid of this????? I am desperate because I can't even sleep and when I do get a few hours, I easily wake up having panic attacks that I can't control. Please tell me if you have this problem too and I am not the only one.


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35 Replies

  • You are not alone I have had this 16 months

  • This happened to me too, all what you need is to seek cognitive therapy, try to read some books specially Anxiety the fear of fear, let me know if you need anything else.

  • I had severe physical anxiety 4 years ago and lack of sleep just made things ten times worse.

    I now still suffer anxiety but more worries of my health and agoraphobia. I rarely have racing physical symptoms. The way I lost my fear of them was reading some books. Ones I recommend are Claire Weekes 'Self Help for your Nerves' and Paul David 'At Last a Life'. Both very good reads I recommend you try.

    You can overcome anxiety, you have to accept it, not add further fuel to the fire. The more you understand anxiety and why your attacks keep happening the easier this will become so I really recommend those books to help you to do that.

    Take care


  • Why won't your doctor help you? If you don't mind me asking

  • My doc said church will help my anxiety go away. She thinks nature will take its course and meds wont help. To tell you the truth, I wish there was a doc close to me that will help me. I even see a therapist once a week and she can't give me any meds, my doc that won't help me has to. I need some kind of help.

  • Thanks to everyone that gave me positive words. I really appreciate having people that understand what I am going through. I am so glad that I found this forum.....

  • I would have thought that would be your choice to let God deal with it and not the doctors. Perhaps then you could ask your therapist for advice on who you could talk to about your doctors refusal to help you. Obviously I don't know everything about your situation but I just know if I wasn't happy about my treatment id seek further advice about it. Good luck with get it sorted out 🙏🏻

  • you are not the only one! Ask your dr. to refer you to a mental health therapist or physciatrist. Panic Disorder does not just go away nor does GAD. Besides medication there is different types of therapy out there to try. NOTHING is worse than fear. I have been battle for over 40 years, and for a while life was not bad when I was on paxil. Now, since last Nov. life is a nightmare with thoughts of health, death, fear, shaking, nausea, not wanting to travel. I have just registered to try Cognitive Behavioural Therapy classes, to try to teach my brain to think positive (good luck) but I have to keep trying. I get so emotional that I cry a lot, feel like a failure and don't know where to go or what to do. I see my physciatrist this week....who knows. I take various medications but none totally control it. Withdrawing from Paxil was a mistake I now feel, but I was searching for something better. You can't battle this on your own. I cannot imagine a family MD refusing to refer you to a specialist. I hope life improves soon for you.

  • My family doctor is just from a small town and thinks church will make it go away. The thing that bothers me most with this is that I fear I am going to die, and the medication they wanted to try me on was not good. The first thing it said on the side effects was may cause death, and I freaked out and won't take it and my doc said she wont give me anything anymore. She does not listen when I tell her I fear dying every day of the week. It is torture......

  • omg I cannot believe your dr. would tell you this as his reminds me of being back in the 70's .......and to refuse to prescribe anything else. Will you mention the name of the drug? All medications have POSSIBLE side effects....they must list them but it doesn't mean everyone will have them...there are many safe meds to be had. Most drs. would talk to you and about different medications, ...therapies, over the counter remedies, this is unacceptable!!! Ask to be sent to a physciatrist...a physcologist cannot prescribe meds nor can a therapist. I so feel for you. Please don't give up

  • I am on a waiting list for that, and I have waited for a year so far. Its a long waiting list for the physciatrist and still have not seen her. The medication is called Lamictal. I am terrified to take it because of the first warning.... I wish she would understand how I feel.

  • Hi Sbusick42413, Lamictal is a mood enhancer drug used for Bipolar disorders as well as Seizures. It is given to children as well as adults. There are other drugs on the market that are considered seizure medication but help with anxiety. Lamictal also help with manic depression. So I don't think this is the only drug your doctor uses but might have felt you would benefit from it. I did not see where is causes death. I'm sure your doctor would start you out slowly and build on that so that if there are any annoying side effects it could be stopped. If seeing a psychiatrist is going to be a long time to get an appointment, you might be better off starting on the medication that the doctor prescribed. Of course it is your choice. I can't tell you all the bottles of meds I had stored away, too afraid to take them. Then again, that's why it took me so long to get better. The doctor kept switching meds hoping I would take one of them.

    Let us know what you decide to do.

  • the health system is terrible in some places and can be like that in ON Canada. I am always leery of any new medication for any ailment. My family dr. knows this and he always smiles and tells me to "do my thing".....I start out at a much lower dose than prescribed for about a week, if I feel normal (for me) I then increase it more and so on and so on. I have also found out that googling medications is not always my friend!!! The majority do have some horrific POSSIBLE side effects. I laugh at some drug commercials on TV. Have you ever noticed when they give side effects it's often "may cause cardiac arrest and death"....I always shake my head. I just googled the med you were prescribed....actually compared to most SSRI meds & other anti anxiety/depression/etc meds the possible side effects are about the same. I do use Ativan as my "emergency' med if I feel I am out of control, 2mg. sublingual (under the tongue) perhaps you can google it is NOT to be taken regular. It can be a "life saver" when in panic mode. The site I used for the med you mentioned is

  • Thanks for the reply. I appreciate the advise you gave about looking up the medications. I took Ativan one time and it knocked me out. I have two kids and I can't just be knocked out like that. I told my doc the same thing and she acts like she don't care.

  • Hi do realize Ativan comes in 1mg and 2mg, they also come in swallow form, or sublingual which work faster due to the nerve tissue under your tongue. At times I wish they would knock me out lol Actually in the beginning, I cut the tiny Ativan in half when I lst tried it. I see my dr. tomorrow and hope he can add something or adjust something to help with the lingering feeling of fear and anxiety. If people think we'd ever want to be like this.....they need to walk in OUR shoes for a while!!

  • I have this problem too iam so scared of dying I have panic attacks I find hard to breathe and thinking negative thoughts too and God knows I try to stop it I know 100% how u are feeling right now and I hope u find a way throw this

  • I hope you find a solution too. I pray to God everyday asking him to please help me overcome this because I am too weak to do it on my own. Hopefully one day it will go away by itself.

  • Anxiety has been known to run it's course. It's the time in between that

    we need the help. You're right in that Ativan for me caused me to be drowsy

    and need naps, but I didn't have little ones to take care of.

  • Yeah I don't want to take my eye off my kids for one min. Accidents happen and I am always on my seat. I am overly protective when it comes to my kids or even someone else's kids. I guess that is why I always have a house full of kids at all times. lol

  • I totally agree with you Sbusick, it only takes a minute and the kids can get into trouble. You sound like a good mother who needs to be aware of what's going on around you. Maybe there is something you can take which won't zone you out. Good Luck dear. x

  • Thank you! I sure hope they I can find a cure for everything in this world that doesn't consist of medication everyday!!

  • Never stop believing nor going forward......the helpless feeling is depressing....the old saying goes "you have nothing to fear but fear itself" true!

  • I often wonder IF there are any cures or even "aids". I think it's a game of luck to find the right therapy or medication for each person. Just wish they'd snap to it and find my correct combo!!! :-)

  • I think there are cures for everything out there. However, it is just going to be costly that no one but rich people can afford. Have you ever noticed that actors, actresses, nfl players, singers, etc can get all the things to make them look perfect? It's because they have the money... I wish they would allow everyone the chance to have the stuff they give rich people!!

  • I have often said that the famous people in the world would never have to wait to see a's not what you know it's who you know. Today I will see if my dr. has any "better" or other suggestions for me. I just want to enjoy life again.

  • You and me both! I would love to live a normal and happy life again. I never had anxiety until 2014. My doc won't help me...

  • It really hit me in highschool.....mannnnnny yrs ago....been about 40+ yrs. Trying a new med, on top of my regular Luvox....a very low dose..Risperidone....what can I lose....I was very upset and emotional, I need help so I will try it and NOT think about possible side effects. Also next Tues. I start CBT classes at local hospital.......then as a very last resort I have one other thing I brought up to the dr. and he agreed he would prescribe me...he knows I am beyond desperate.....I think I really looked it today. As for your dr. I cannot imagine his old school line of thought.....if only you could get a new MD. What about your local mental health unit, they often have classes or therapy discussions. This is a depressing, way to wake each morning. Take care.

  • I see my therapist every week and she even called my doc and told her to give me something and my doc said I can control it. She doesn't understand what we go through because if she did, I would have something that can help me cope with daily life...

  • what? Pardon me for asking, but is your dr. elderly? His mentality is of old generation. As a child my mom took me to family dr. for what I KNOW now was anxiety...he told Mom ...I was doing it for attention and it was all in my head! MANY yrs later I told my physciatrist what was said and it really angered him that in the "old days" they had this mind set and didn't recognize so many of the different types of mental illness. You are between a rock and a hard place...other than your MD only an ER dr. or a physciatrist can prescribe meds. Ohhh, your dr. is a female....old? Maybe your therapists has some print outs on GAD and Panic Disorder...and you can tell your dr. to read them. I so feel for you.

  • My therapist called my dr office and asked her to give me something for my anxiety and panic attacks and she is young. Maybe in her late thirties or early forty's. She is menenoite. Which if you are one, you shouldn't be a doc anyway because you don't believe in giving your kids medication and you don't believe in taking medication. She thinks that mental illnesses don't need medication and I wish I could handle my problem more but I can't. I am always having negative racing thoughts and it drives me nuts to where I can't focus or sleep and if I feel tired... I feel like I am going to die and it is terrifying. My doc needs a therapy job so she can understand mental illnesses.

  • your dr. needs to go back to school, my gosh everything you read is trying to find help for mental illness, so many different types. It is like a Jehova Witness being a dr.....NO blood transfusions. I woke with another bad day of panic and anxiety....ended up having to take an ativan to help calm me....trying to keep busy so I don't think. Our mind is the strongest organ in the body my physciatrist says. I believe him. I feel so embarrassed at my age i can't control my own fear. I cannot imagine your dr. ignoring your therapist's request!!!! It is not professional. Me, I would stay on a waiting list for a phsyciatrist, but also be looking for a new family dr. She and I would NOT work out! I know the feeling of impending doom, the fear of death, and I acknowledge to myself it's all in my head.....but it stays! I really was good for a long time, many years, but the last yr has erupted full blast. You really do need someone sensible who will listen to you and prescribe. Could your therapist try to get you in to a physciatrist faster? I so feel for are not alone!

  • I called the mental health facility and told them I couldn't take it anymore. I asked them how long it will take to see the phyc and I am third from the top now. It only took a yr. long time to wait for medication... I am hoping within the next month I can get something, and I wish my doc would understand and help me more than she does. Around here, it is all about the money. Dr.'s don't care about the patient. Only the money each time they see a patient for five mins. Wait an hour and talk five mins. It's dumb that insurance pay just as much as we do for nothing in return. I don't know,,,, maybe I can find another doc to help me that is in a city. I guess it would be worth the hour drive as long as I get help for my mental illness. Thanks for your reply by the way. It does ease up when I read positive words from people with same conditions.

  • I am so glad you are 3rd in line!!! It is unacceptable that it was a yrs wait. It can sometimes be long waits here in Canada but not that long. I am assuming you are in the US? I get so angry at myself when I cannot control the bad days. Yesterday till noon was BAD...then a let up after taking an Ativan. Today I am doing the dance of joy lol so far will also be day 3 of my new additional med. I do NOT like the "possible" side effects on the sheet that came with it but trying VERY hard to remember they are only "possible"...if I dwell too much I am in panicville!! I also hope you find another family MD. there is a site on line if you google that can tell you if there are different drs. in your city who are taking new patients etc. You might want to play around with google! Believe me, I am a mess some days and so so other, but I DO understand totally. I wish that there was a machine that our drs could step into for whatever time and experience what WE the patient feels!! See how glib they are then! If you like do keep me posted on your journey!

  • Thank you for the reply. It means alot to me that someone knows what I am going through. I live in the US in a small town called Paoli, and the doctors that are available is the one that I have in the healthcare office I go to. The other docs are just the same. I have had three docs so far because there was a time where i could not afford my direct bill and they all dropped me as a patient. Times get rough for sure, and they take you to court here and drop you as a patient if you miss any payment towards your bill. I think they should see you even though you don't have enough money to buy insurance. Every time I see the doc, the co pay is 75.00 and that is a lot of money when they don't wanna prescribe me anything and my therapy session is 135.00 each week for an hour of their time. It is mostly me that talks, my therapist does tell me to breathe when I have panic attacks but it is really hard to do that during the attacks. I can't wait until I get something to help me. I know now why so many suicides happen. Its because when they ask for help... No one cares enough to help them. I am so glad for this site. It really helps and it is free and it's people who understand what each other are going through.

  • I knew the health system in the US is far different from Canada. We don't pay for visits even to specialists, our ON Health Ins. Plan which is paid for through our income taxes covers medical, ie xrays, blood work, MRIs, you name it. Many also have individual health ins. through their employer. Seniors pay very minimal for prescriptions, it might be $2 or $5 depending on the med. With you being in a small community I can see where all the medical profession would stick together....rather pathetic! Wow I cannot grasp having to pay for every little thing. Some therapists seem to just want to hear from you.....frankly I like it when they partake and get involved in your here and now. Once put on a med, it will not mean it is the right one for's a pill game as I call it. Paxil was a life saver for many years then gave you. Now I'm in limbo.....still feeling panic most days, worrying, especially about death....and the fact I'm lol getting older and closer to it. Today will be day 4 on an additional med ....I do have a fair amt. of medical knowledge since I grew up in a family with some serious health issues. As for panic/ takes a strong mind to try to overcome a panic attack....telling someone to breathe is sure, logical, but not helpful. Try keeping the radio on all the time. You can run cold water on the back of your wrists, is sooooo hard, ask me...I know. I often say if I wasn't so terrified of death, I might consider suicide. We just want to laugh, and enjoy life, NOT be afraid...I sometimes cry I feel so defeated. Tomorrow I start my lst cognitive behavioural therapy class at the local hospital......a mind over matter type thing....highly doubt it will help me but I have to keep are NOT alone, believe me.

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