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Out of body anxiety :(

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I’m new on here and have been suffering from severe anxiety since losing my job in May. I’ve had anxiety my whole life but nothing like now. I have slowly developed what I think is social phobia. I’m terrified of having a panic attack in public which in turn, turns to me over thinking it and having one. I also besides the typical anxiety symptoms I have this out of body type anxiety it’s so hard to explain unless you’ve had it. I am wondering if I am alone or if anyone else has had this out of your own body feeling? It’s so scary and awful. I’ve joined a local anxiety support group, have a referral to a psychiatrist and temporarily have Ativan if I need it. Any advice would help

4 Replies
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Hello kristalilley

No you are not alone what you have is very severe anxiety that produces a thing called depersonalisation It's a horrible thing like you aren't there but you are looking in on yourself

All your problems come from adrenaline surging through your body giving you horrible symptoms that you are tuning into and being afraid of

There are 2 books that will help you so much

DARE by Barry Mcdonagh it's fantastic

Also Self Help For Your Nerves by Dr Claire Weekes

Give yourself time it's s big thing to lose your job

All you are feeling is normal and you can and will get well

There are wonderful relaxation videos on YouTube Michael Sealey is lovely but there are loads of others

There is information about depersonalisation/ unreality on the internet and there is a section in the DARE book too

Take loads of care

Wishing you all the very best in your recovery you are doing everything right 😊

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Other resources:

Also At Last a Life (book) by Paul David

Hugo Rock's Website

Swamy G's website (acoachcalledlife.com)

a MUST: Claire Weekes' Enlightenement video: youtube.com/watch?v=REOdAWC...

Depersonalization symptoms are incredibly common with anxiety! In fact I believe they are normal with anxiety that goes on and on without a break. Don't be too impressed by it. Your nerves are just a little oversensitized. Listen to Claire's whole video- the 3rd section gets into "out of body" anxiety but all 4 sections are important/healing.

You'll be fine Kristalilley :)

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Thank you guys. At this point I am willing to do whatever I need to, to feel "normal" again. Wears you down.

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Man this was me last night

It was because I smoked by myself to write a song

Song got finished but I was still high

It caused me to just think a Bunch of silly terrifying thoughts

It’s always worse when you’re alone

Having someone near you definitely helps

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