Feel out of body

Now I know this is DP and I know it's worsened because of my stess. I just want to double check its DP.

So I feel out of body

Like I don't fill up my entire body

When I'm out in public, I don't feel present. I don't feel substantial

My house feels weird

I used to fear Id like, wake up to forget my family or something.

This then confuses me because I don't know if I'm lightheaded in public or its all DP. Thoughts? (Oh, and this Depersonalization seemed to get worse after I started freaking over a symptom for a month.)


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  • Yes that's DP or DR (dearelization)

    This happens because your mind is stressed it the way your brain protects itself basically by zoning out. It's very uncomfortable but in no way dangerous and can be overcome by simply not focusing/worrying or being afraid of it. When I had DR for over a month I was so upset and stressed out by it but once I started to tell my self it will go away once my stress is better and if I stop focusing on it it really did improve so much. I still get it every now and then but I just don't let it bother me and it goes away quickly.

    I have a great article about it that helped me so much. I have it saved in my iPhone notes if you like I can message it to you it is very long though.

    Good luck

  • Aazz, I'd like to read that article on DP please.

  • Please, I, too, would like that article. Thanks so much!


  • Hi here is the link to the article


  • Aazz I would love to read that article.. I hate feeling thay way...thank you

  • Hi I have found the link here


  • Thank you so much. It opened my eyes to so many things.. Wow.. Now i knw im not going crazy..

  • I'm glad it helped this article gave me so much relief :)

  • Yes me too.. Ill have my husband read it so that he understands how it feelS.

  • I'm doing well with not reacting. I've had DP for almost a year but half of it was spent freaking over it and the other half was spent freaking over other things. I believe the only reason it's hanging around is that I'm still super stressed

  • 100% once your stress levels get better it should also get better :)

  • I get derealisation quite bad when i'm out socialising but I've had it before (4 years ago) and it'll pass it's just the result of a stressed brain and it trying to protect us, it's not a nice symptom I know but just know it'll eventually pass, may I add that if you smoke marijuana then it be best to stop that as it will make you substantially worse, do you also have a rubbish memory too like you can vaguely remember stuff but can't picture yourself doing it?

  • Used to have that. Not so much anymore. I do have what I call the Owl feeling; I feel like my eyes are wide and like I'm nervously jerking my head around. I'm not, but I feel like that and the term paints a clear visual.

  • how long did it last with you (if you can remember), this time around it's driving me mad because of the inability to remember things, I may have had it the first time around too but if I did then I can't remember it, which seems fitting :P

  • I have had anxiety for years but i have been really good for the last few months.

    However, lately i stopped watching movies because i felt its not worth my time and then it all started coming back i'm anxious and nervous. i fell spaced out and glazzy. i thought im going crazy. but thanks to this site i know what it is. i don't have movies to take my mind off stuff. its like im going thru a mind detox. i will try to keep going strong and keep up ith you people to give me support.

    it does get better with time and pure strength of will.

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