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Help 😞


So I’ve been at work for 4 days this week since handing my notice in. And I just do not want to be there. As I said my head of business knows how awkward I feel working with the women in the office. And I have asked several times whether I can go early and just not get paid for it. I’m buying a house too which is completing this week and I have explained to him that I have a lot going on and being there isn’t helping when I know I am leaving and I could really do with being off as I will be moving house! He is still refusing to let me go. This is just added stress that I really don’t need or want! My friend has said that I should go to the doctors and have them sign me off for 2 weeks before I start my new job as I am just going to burn myself out with everything. I don’t know what to do!!!

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I agree 2sara1. It's too much for you right now to deal with in buying a house as well. I'd call your doctor and get a medical reason for leaving early. Good Luck xx

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Yes, definitely go to your Dr and get him to sign you off. Work are not being fair. Take care Lynne xx

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Thanks. You always reply to my posts and it helps! I’m just really nervous of calling in sick incase they go mad at me. I just feel like I’m being treated like crap, I’ve worked so hard for them for nearly 2 years now and only ever had 1 day off sick. Always worked my days off and stayed late. And now when I’m asking for help I get nothing 😞

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2sara, I know how nervous you are about making that decision. Think of it this way, if you were to get physically sick or have an emotional breakdown, would they care any more? I know they wouldn't. It's time for sara to take care of herself. If you don't, no one else will.

I'm behind your decision because I care. xx

You can self cert for a week also, so call in sick tomorrow and then go to the dr to ask for a note until your final leaving date and explain how stressed out you are. Your mental well-being is far more important than a job you’re leaving anyway. Good luck with the house move and the new job. New beginnings x


Does your new job start in 2 weeks ?

You matter and your health matters. But don't end this on a bad note.

Hold your head up high. You have not done anything wrong by job-hopping.

So my suggestion is maybe take a day or 2 off (so that the duration would be over sooner) and face them for the rest of the time.

Take a deep breath and remember that this would soon be over. Prepare all your handover documents & step out with the satisfaction that you gave it your best till the end.

Hope God would bless you with a wonderful next job :)

(The above mentioned is just a perspective based on personal experience. Either way you have done your best already and you can get through this )

Leave. Dont look back. Your boss cant force you or anyone else to stay at a job or anywhere else

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