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Am I alone?


I really feel like I’m seriously going insane. When I look in the mirror I don’t see myself I feel like I’m having a out of body experience 24/7. My health anxiety makes me feel like I’m completely numb, my head hurts all the time and I’m just a emotional mess. I know the old me is in there but I feel like I’m getting worse I’m crying writing this. I need help seriously

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Feelings of unreality are common with depression and anxiety. Don't whip yourself up into a panic over it. Are you being treated for depression and anxiety?

@deeaire you are not alone I believe there are millions of us going through the similar struggles. There’s one important thing we can help ourselves is to find something to shift focus away and change the thought process. What I am doing right now is force myself to exercise little bit more in that way I can think less about my depression and anxiety. Also thank you for sharing your feeling

Yes, you are not alone. My head has begun to hurt again recently and I obsess over it. I was doing well for awhile so I need to get back in a groove. Hope you feel better. Hang in there!

You are not alone i feel this all the time it’s common with anxiety.. you just need to ground yourself again.

🙏🍀🌸🦋😊🌞🌹🎶🎧🧘🏻‍♂️🧘‍♀️🍦🎸you are NOT alone Your in a deep depression and need to take your meds you will get better and you will see yourself in the mirror again and stand tall and like what you see iT Will get better 🌸

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