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Prostrate Cancer High PSA?

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Everything has been going well past few weeks, I feel I’m doing ok and in a healthy place. than I get a call from my mum saying the doctor wants to do a biposy on my dad he’s 73 and they said he has a very high level of PSA in his blood which is a red flag and can be an indicator of cancer?! I have been very nauseous since the news been googling about people with high PSA and many of them had prostrate cancer 😢 I have read it can also be high with age urine infection or an enlarged prostrate: all we can do is wait for the letter of the biopsy to come thru. I am very worried for him and he seems very down since the appointment today. I love my dad so so much and I really don’t want it to be the C word.. I’m trying to be strong for mum and dad but I have the hallow feeling in my gut that we will get bad news soon.. I pray so hard I’m wrong. Anyone with advice or similiar experiences?

I have gone from relaxed to very very anxious. Please god let this time pass also.

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I am not a doctor, but I believe prostate cancer is relatively easy to treat. Some are so slow growing that no treatment is even needed. I would try to relax.

My dad had the exact same thing. High PSA can also be caused by high cholesterol, which was the case for my father. My father in law also had the same thing and it turned out to be prostate cancer. He opted to have his prostate removed, and he is a few years post surgery and healthy as a horse. I know the c word is scary, but 1) it can be several things and 2) easily treatable. Good luck and let us know what happened.

Thank you so much for your replies x I really do hope it’s just high cholesterol or a urine infection.

Had a coffee with Dad today and he seems to be ok. We didn’t even discuss it. I was tempted phoning spire and going private but I keep saying to myself if it was URGENT they would have sent him ASAP. I wonder why they asked him he could get his prostrate checked it was up to him? Surely if a doctor suspects cancer he wouldn’t ask your choice to do a biposy or not? Is that normal? Than the anxiety in me says the doctor thinks he’s old and if it was a man in his 50s he would be checked straight away? Oh I don’t know how I’m feeling. Making myself busy and hopefully the appointment will come thru soon.

I love my dad so so much he’s my world and I can’t and refuse to imagine him sick.

I will definitely keep you all updated lots of prayers please. Worried terribly

So sorry you're going through this. The C word is always stomach punching scary. My husband was diagnosed with Prostate cancer at the age of 42. Hopefully that's not the case with your dad. As stated previously other things can make the psa count rise. My husband's psa was 60 at the time we found out. He was having some issues, went to doctor for prostate check & blood work then was suggested that he have a biopsy. So he did & a bone scan etc. I know that it's hard for you not to think about it & probably seems impossible 2 relax but please try to. I'm here if I can help in any way. Bless you & I hope everything works out for your dad.

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Layla321 in reply to Kel76

Thanks for your kind words and I pray your husband is in good heath x

A letter came this morning saying MRI of prostrate for this Saturday? So I wonder why they said a biposy now an MRI instead? Will they tell him straight away if it’s the C word or will he have to wait for the doctor?

Mum wants me to go with them for the appointment, as I suffer from MAJOR anxiety especially health anxiety sitting in a waiting room will trigger off a major panic attack. Mums adamant I go but I know I won’t be able to be in that environment. I just wish she understands what’s easy for others isn’t for me.

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Hey Layla . I understand what you mean. I'm sure she wants you to go but I definitely know how challenging that can be! As far as any scans or MRI, in my husband's case they report to the doctor then the doctor will call them with the report & if it is, then they will set him an appointment to meet with an Oncologist to go over his case & discuss different options. I pray it's not but if so, please don't feel rushed as some doctor's made us feel, on making a decision on treatment. The mind gets cloudy right at a diagnosis. My husband is doing good now. He has to take a Luoron shot ever so often & he hates that! He's only had to take 3 in the past 5 yrs though. The side effects are mostly hot flashes & the shot stays in system for around 6 months. Please keep us posted & I pray that you can somehow find a way to be able to go & be there with your mom. Best wishes for you!

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Layla321 in reply to Kel76

Thanks for your kind words x maybe on Saturday I will feel little different. I just want to press fast forward. Will update you x and great to hear your hubby is doing great x 3 injections is 5 years is not intense. Will definitely keep an open mind and I pray so hard for the good news. He had diebetes and a whole lot of health issues and having this C word will just tip him over the edge. Again positive thinking and trust in god x

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