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Post partum depression and anxiety issue


Hi everyone. I am suffering from Post partum depression from 1 and half month and now I am unable to even close my eyes due to the fear of sleep.. Before I suffered Sleeplessness and now even though I'm sleeping for 4 hours I'm getting scared to close my eyes and go to sleep..My heart is beating faster and feeling anxious whenever I think of going to sleep.. Please help me.

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Have you looked into magnesium deficiency, a lot of new mums suffer with it after having a baby due to the fact they don't get enough during pregnancy. The symptoms of deficiency are those you say you have !!. A transdermal magnesium oil from a health food store is cheap, maybe give it a try !

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Many thanks..Will try that..

Hi Prathi, I can relate to your problem with sleep.

I love sleeping always have, it’s an escape for me from pressure and anxiety. My bedroom is a safety net from the world.

However, like you, over two months I suffered with anxiety over sleeping. Every time I close my eyes I would wake myself quick in a panic. Think I posted on here about it, few weeks ago.

I would dread night time, tried everything possible. Tried to sleep in day after work, napping ! However fear still there.

Went to my GP and he stated he thought it to be anxiety.

Second day of Sertraline and sleeping better without that jerking myself back awake ... even napped today

Very very early days for me obviously with this new medication, however the side effects of raising anxiety in some aspects, feeling little off balance etc ... but it’s worth me sticking with just to sleep

Not being able to sleep was horrendous ! So so tiring and all I wanted to do was sleep ... I envied my husband dropping off to sleep quickly with no issues.

Day 3 tomorrow of meds and I will see how it progresses.

Good luck to you x

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