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What a freakin weekend


I’m trying to focus on the good in my life. Sometimes it can be so difficult when one struggles with anxiety disorders as the ones I’m dealing with. My anxiety is causing me to concentrate so much on my worries that I can’t seem to focus on the good. I’m taking pristiq 100mgs every day and Xanax, but it can still be a struggle. I have a little girl just 7 years old, she’s so cute, I would give my life for her. She absolutely adores me. She must’ve called me at least 10 times today waiting for me to pick her up. I do feel that my divorce from her mom when my daughter wasn’t even 2 was one of the contributing factors in my mental decline. I’ll never forget the one day when it was her 3rd bday and my ex and I decided to throw her a bday party. My ex had started dating her sisters husbands best friend and he and my ex wife were carrying her around the party room showing her around to her friends and family. I felt like someone took a hit knife stuck it in my heart and kept turning it. Everyone’s eyes were on me. Anyways just had to vent. Blessings to all. Samson.

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I'm glad you came here to vent Strongest. We all need that safe and comfortable place to call our own. I understand your pain and hurt. Anxiety can be all consuming. Know that we are here for you in your down time. Wishing you peace.

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Thank you so much.

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