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Awesome weekend then 💥 Boom


Left Friday to go on a girls weekend with the horses to camp and ride in the hills. Had the best time and no anxiety once . So relaxed . So we packed up and my friend was driving and we where Chating saying what a weekend we have just had . We where discussing work as our work place not the best atm . Then out of the blue bang , my heart went into overdrive , racing 127 beats per minute and flopping around , also my chest felt weird and it was like I wasn’t breathing right . This lasted a good 5 minutes . Only other symptoms I had was then I felt real anxious , dry mouth and weak legs . Is this a panic attack ?

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Sounds like it, have you had before?

Jodz in reply to Rdiz777

I get pulps a fair bit but not like this , but scary

You were probably overcome with anxiousness due to the fact you were leaving such a great place where you weren’t focused on your anxiety or any problems. It probably all just hit you all at once and made you freak out. It happens to the best of us

You’ll just be chilling then Boom ! You’re overcome with a wave of panic with no reason. You’ll be fine

When that happens again just tell your friend you’re having an anxiety or panic attack and don’t fight it or ignore it

Acknowledge it for what it is just a panic attack and try to keep your mind focused on positive things around you. Breathe in and out slowly and just talk to whoever is around (making sure they aren’t going to trigger it to get worse by being a bad friend) and just give it time

Everything will blow over

Thanx for that and my friend knows I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks . But the heart just didn’t want to beat right and I just wasn’t breathing right .

Your prob right being so relaxed then it hits me out of the blue just to stuff everything up .

Thanx again

That’s pretty much exactly what happens to me when I wake up in the middle of the night, which I believe are panic attacks. Based on how you described yours, mine might be more intense and definitely scare me worse. I literally think I’m dying like every time. I don’t think they’re caused by any certain thing happening at that moment, other than an over sensitized nervous system. You must still have some healing to do? Until your nerves calm back to normal, which doesn’t happen over night, panic can strike at any random time. I can be sleeping good, totally relaxed, I wake up, feel kinda weird, and BAM, heart accelerates to ~140s, skips beats, nausea sets in, I’m in full survival mode for 15-20mins.

Jodz in reply to Usagold

Usagold it’s the worst . Especially after the best weekend all relaxed , heaps of adrenaline pumping the good way when we where galloping through the hills , laughter, just like we all where 16 again . Then driving home bang . But does your chest feel weird and does yours skip beats as well as going bloody fast . And I also felt I couldn’t breath right . It was different again ?

Yes, my heart starts skipping beats, like it’s all over the place, and takes off racing. That’s the part that really scares me! And yes, I always feel like I can’t breathe right. I just lie there and focus on my breathing & ride it out. Did you have thoughts that you might die? Did you feel just awful during the episode? And is it hard to explain exactly what feels so bad? Or, could I experiencing something other than panic? Because that’s how I feel when this happens in the night, which used to be almost every night, now it’s rare, thank Heavens. I’ve wondered if I have some other issue, like low blood sugar, low iron or something, but it’s strange how it all gets better after about 20 mins. I’m not sure if mine is panic or something else. Or panic AND something else.

Jodz in reply to Usagold

I felt shocking and all I could think was this is it , I’m having a heart attack . I had bloods done last week and the only thing was my cholesterol was a bit high , but who knows how high ? Mine goes up and down all the time .

I just want to know why does the heart do that ? What makes it do that ? And will it just stop ?

Usagold in reply to Jodz

Those have been my questions too. Now that I’m not in panic mode, I might can answer. I think that when our nervous systems are “sensitized”, the adrenal glands overproduce adrenaline, which causes all kinds of symptoms, and sometimes, with no provocation, we get these surges of adrenaline that set off every alarm in our bodies. Our hearts are normal, but are simply reacting to the adrenaline. A fearful thought can trigger the same cascade of events, but it sounds like ours came out of the blue. I’ve experienced both random and thought induced. Until our systems calm and get back to normal, steady levels of adrenaline, and until we learn to think less anxiously, these attacks can happen. And, of course, the goal is to not fear the attacks, so we don’t enter the fear>adrenaline>fear cycle & keep our nerves sensitized.

My daughter loves riding (although sadly her horse died a couple of years ago), and since I used to ride when I was a kid, I bought us this half-day horse riding package. I bought it over a year ago, & haven’t gone yet and the reason is my lingering fear that I might have one of my attacks when I’m miles back in the woods and can’t get help. If I was pretty sure it was just panic, and confident that it wouldn’t give me a heart attack or go into a dangerous rhythm, I would go, but I guess I’m not 100% sure in the back of my mind.

Jodz in reply to Usagold

Yes everytime we ride I have that thought but I now are not as bad but it’s always lingering . We go riding for 3 to 4 hours and lots of places do not have reception , so yes that does worry me . But this is one thing I will continue!!

Sorry to hear about your daughters horse . They are my life and when I do ride it is so relaxing .

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