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I cant handle weekends


I'm tired of all this.

During the week, everything is ok. Im not saying perfect, just ok. I have my anxiety moments, but in average I'm ok.

When the weekend starts, my nightmare starts as well.

Yesterday, like usual, I woke up with a headache. I did the day quite well. In the evening, I went to the cinema. During the highest part of the film I had a panic attack. I was completely immersed in the film. Gradually, I start changing the focus of my attention from the movie to my heart rate. In some seconds, my heart was racing quickly and strong. My sight became blurry, hands and feet sweating. I was "about to die". I thought about asking for help, or leave the screen room. I managed (I don't know how) to control the panic attack and finished the film. I walked home thinking how unfair is this.

Today: the same. I feel my throat closing. Breathless. That feeling of having something in the throat. I know it is a symptom of anxiety, but I, as I live alone, can't stop thinking how to make easy to people to find my body if I die. I'm always dressed, and leave the door unlocked. Mad thoughts, I know. Is good to write them and put them out of my head. Makes me see how funny and crazy my thoughts are when I'm in a anxiety moment.

The funny thing: I'm 100% sure tomorrow I'll be alright. As the week starts, my routine starts as well and my mind is too busy.

I tried to put a routine in my weekends, but it is not fair. I work hard during the week and deserve some peace and free time during the weekend.

I'm just tired and frustrated.

I'm gonna have my medicine now and have an artificial peace.

I hope you all are doing well today!


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I'm sorry to hear what you're going through, hopefully you'll weekends will get better and may God bless you (:

Hi Mario, I'm sorry you struggle with anxiety on weekends. I find it interesting as to the parallel of your weekend anxiety and weekend migraines. A woman I knew was an executive secretary who was fine during the week but come the weekend she would be in bed with major migraines. It seems that her body stored up the stress of the week and when her mind knew she could relax, she would be hit with these headaches. It might be the same in your case, where you are able to function capably throughout the week and then when your mind knows you have the weekend to relax, the anxiety comes out full force. I think you are right in that it has something to do with the structure of your weekdays versus the more laid back weekend. I wish you well. If you have a therapist that would be something to bring up, they may have some good suggestions because it's got to be a bummer to deal with this every weekend.

Take care.

Hi Mario. I can completely relate. When most people look forward to peace and quiet, I dread the dark and "less-stress" of nights and weekends. Sometimes it's helpful just knowing I'm not the only one who feels this way.

I also have migraines every weekend.

And I'm starting having side effects with all the pain killers I use.

Sometimes I feel I can die at any moment. On the other hand, my "heath" is perfect. (Excluding my mental health).

I have very stressful weekdays. I like this. I love my work.

It is just frustrating.

Agora1 in reply to Mariobrazil

That's it in a nutshell Mario. The migraines associated with high stress work whether you love your job or not still accumulates during the week. As for the side effects of the pain killers, not sure what is happening but I will tell you this. When taking narcotic pain pills, they tend to cause rebound headaches if used too often, so you have to be careful. Also always protect your stomach by having a little food or milk before taking a pain med. It may be a trade off in not feeling well on weekends but how many people can see they really love their job. (I did too) Stay well.

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