DIZZINESS! muscle tension and off balance

Hi, I've been feeling pretty dizzy for the past months and i am trying to figure out why.

I do suffer from low blood pressure but sometimes the dizziness feels more like an off balance issue.

I have a really tight neck and shoulders, my whole body is really tight actually. Can the dizziness be caused by bad muscle tension?

does anybody have the same issue?

I hope you all have a great day.


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8 Replies

  • dizziness and muscle tension is most likely due to anxiety. Very common symptoms.

    work on relaxation, mindfulness etc

  • Yes I do every day

  • Hi do you get pins and needles?

  • Yes i do, I also get some numbness in my hand.

  • anneavo, my neck and shoulder muscles are so incredibly tight that I have to remind myself to relax my shoulders. I have a tendency to bring them up to my ears when stressed. It can throw your balance off and make you feel lightheaded. Enjoy your day as well!

  • I know sometimes i find myself squeezing my shoulders like you do when its really cold.

    I have to stop because i feel dizzy and tight every single day.

    I am actually going to the gym tonight for the first time so wish me luck.

  • anneavo, hope it went well and you didn't overdo. Enjoy your evening.

  • Hi, I suffer exactly the same, tension and aching pain in neck and shoulders. I am sure this is what causes me to feel dizzy/unbalanced ...also a bit nauseous. You are not alone, it's horrible.

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