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Dysfunctional Pelvic Floor?

So....I've compared ovarian cyst symptoms to dysfunctional pelvic floor, and it seems I'm more of the pelvic floor.

My symptoms include tight pelvic muscles, constipation, pelvic discomfort, and back in spasm. I also read that bad posture or continuous position can weaken pelvic floor muscles and I've been having bad posture and tight stomach for....well....months. The pelvic "pain" is not there in the mornings, but seems to return later in the day. It seems to ease when I walk around. Last night I was crying and couldn't get to sleep because I was scared I'd wake up in pain, but I woke without any. My back was in spasm, though. I'm going to see a doctor tomorrow (or nurse practioner) to discuss it. My brother is a nurse and seems to think this is not a cyst, nor does my mom. But I just don't understand how bad posture and crunches can cause this. Also, I think the constipation caused me to pull some of the pelvic muscles which is not helping.

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I hope you get some good news from your nurse practitioner. I had ovarian cysts. But never heard of the condition pelivc floor. At first they thought my ovarian cysts were related to my ulcerative colitis bowel disease. Because like yourself I was having an uncomfortable system. the good news is once they find out what you have then they can treat it and you will feel better!❤️ Please also remember that severe anxiety can cause a lot of those symptoms too. So if the medical professionals rule out ovarian cysts and pelivc floor- you may also might want to look into some of the unbearable pain and symptoms could be a result of your body feeling physically the stress you feel on the inside. Stress is so powerful and painful. I know a bank manager that was hauled away in an ambulance thinking he was dying of a heart attack and it was a panic attack. Please keep us updated on how you are doing. I hope they find the cause of your pain and have a quick way to help you to feel better soon!❤️


What did your cysts feel like?


The pain was so bad I thought someone in my dorm played some sort of practical joke on me that went wrong. I woke up in a heavy sweat and felt I couldn't move. I did get to the washroom and crippled over in pain and was sent to emergency in the hospital. After the initial attack of pain and treatment the pain was much more manageable. But it was like a severe pressure in my left ovary.

It is great you are so informed about the signs and symptoms of conditions - would you like to study in the medical field?

Please don't worry too much until you speak with a medical professional. I once was so ill I googled all my signs and symptoms and I figured out I must be suffering morning sickness and was pregnant. A few days past and I passed out after a scary siezure where I could not stand up. I managed to call an ambulance. My kidney was rupturing and I needed surgery and a week in Intensive care. Had I gone to a doctor straightaway instead of trying to figure it out on my own it would of been so much better! And the same is true when you think you really are having a heart attack from the pain and crippling grasp in your chest.. And it turns out to be a much less situation such as a panic attack. I've been there thinking that had happened to me too.


I'm sorry! I'm not having pain's mroe just discomfort. I've pushed on my pelvis so much to see where it is, I think I've bruised it. But it doesn't really hurt to do that either and I hear it's worse on your period but I had my period and felt nothing different.


I also don't think I'd last in the medical field XD though I've been asked symptoms by a friend or two and can usually pin what they've never considered.



You seem to come across as you have some health anxiety

I am not saying that you cannot feel these things but you are very young 16 I think ?

Chances are of something been seriously wrong at such a young age are slim & maybe if you stop looking up things so much that would really help , if I put into Google half my aches & pains it would tell me something was seriously wrong , I am sure if your parents thought you were in any danger they would get you checked out immediately & I have read some where that you will be doing this shortly when you can mean while I would not keep searching to much it will make everything feel so much worse

I know it is good to give advise yet not so easy to take our own advise but look at the replies you give to others & try & put some of that advise into practice for yourself with this one

As they say we can talk the talk but it is walking the walk we really need to do , easier said than done but we can do it x

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My doctor put me on Restoralax...AMAZING STUFF !.. I also have vastly improved my diet since, lots of water,fiber and fresh veggies. I also have cut out all processed foods ,dairy and sugar ( I have arthritis and psoriasis,both inflamitory diseases and this is also an anti inflamitory diet) I've kinda over done the walking and am suffering because of that as my arthritis is in lower back. Everything in moderation right ...oh and with this healthy diet I have been able to stop the yeah !!

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