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Delayed stress reaction?


I'm new here. I ran across this site after typing "delayed anxiety after stress has passed. I've had anxiety since my early 20s. I'm almost 55 now. I also have gastritis and GERD and am on meds for all of this. My boyfriend and I have a great relationship and just moved into a house a month ago after living in apartments for 7 years. The market is grueling right now and it was a stressful four month search. We put in four offers before we had one accepted. The mortgage broker was a nightmare to deal with, despite a couple of last minute bumps, we closed on time and moved in over Memorial Day weekend. Now that it's all behind us, this stomach thing hit, triggered the health anxiety and I'm still fighting it. Dr said all blood work was normal and it's the culmination of stress I've been through and GERD flare up . Although we've been going non stop for weeks on end with house searching, moving, and now working around the house. I don't feel stressed but my body is telling me otherwise. I've never heard of this.

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lovemybear, by all means there is both immediate stress reaction and delayed. Sometimes being involved in the moment keeps us from stressing out knowing that we must finish a project or get through an event. After all settles down, it hits us. Wow, what just happened? In your case, it was a happy event but nevertheless a little chaotic and pressured. And now your body is catching up with what your mind is telling it.

Try getting some "me time" in, using relaxation and deep breathing. I know the symptoms aren't pleasant but look on the bright side, you have accomplished your dream in getting out of apartment living. Now that you are in your home, there is no rush to get everything done at once. Take your time and enjoy your new journey in life. Breathe xx

I can relate to all this suffered from anxiety for 39 years not a day goes by that i feel great. I can have a couple of ours here and there then my mind tells me there must be something seriously wrong then i feel worse. Stomache is always a big problem. I have just recently moved and was very stressful. Hope we can all overcome this sending best wishes.

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