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To my fellow dizziness sufferers, I can't stand this lightheaded/faint/dizziness feeling! It's the worst and it's all day. Does anyone else have it all the time

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I have dizziness all day and its horrible


Leopard45 yes, mines comes stronger when I have to go out somewhere

Leopard45 in reply to Hidden

Mine too. It's so hard.

aphat06 in reply to Hidden

same here. the moment i stepped out of the house, it worsens horribly! It felt like I will fall over to the side even while sitting.

Yes, same here. When my stress and anxiety is elevated my dizziness, off balance gets worst.

Yes , very often worse when I’m sitting. Suddenly get a wave .. very often start in my neck .. worries me lots but I get up and do something.

Yes! I thought it was just me. When I get anxious, I get dizzy. I don’t know if the anxiety is what’s causing the dizziness or vise versa. Either way, it’s horrible. I just want to curl up in a ball and cry. All I do is breath and take holistic remedies for anxiety and dizziness. I still have a hard time crying in front of people but it does help.

I do! You are not alone!

Same to me it's now 4years and its all day I tried everything on this earth but nothing works and am now using a stick to walk because of my balance

Hidden in reply to nswitos36

Did you ever do an mri?

dizziness is a common side effect of anxiety. I get it too. But you need to stop paying it any attention. Stop fighting your symptoms. The symptoms don't matter. They are just a by product of anxiety. Just use acceptance and carry on with your day, and slowly the dizziness will go away. It might take weeks, a year, but if you let it be there, and accept it for now, slowly it will leave you. Check out wonder bro on YouTube. Or that anxiety guy. They give you tips on using acceptance.

Litonn in reply to Jbro78

But if r very sick then how can start your day whithout worries...

Totally off blance and very weak....

Itss very difficult....

Same.... Feeling dizzy off balance fatigue for 9months.... My doc said its bcoz of depression and anxeity....

Ashley1489 in reply to Litonn

Same here but five years for me

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