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24/7 dizziness and lightheaded faint feeling


I got pregnant when I was 22 and that's when the dizziness started. I became dizzy 24/7 and kept getting told it was gad.

My symptoms now two years later


Feeling short of breath but breathing fine

Heart races especially at doc it goes as high as 180

Walking around feeling faint

Weakness in arms and legs

Heart palpitations

Leg vibrations

Head pressure in the back of my head

There is prob more but I have been to Ent and she couldn't give me a direct diagnosis if it's vertigo or not. I've been to a heart doc while I was prego they did an ultrasound of my heart and he said I have tachycardia but no medicine was prescribed. (Had it before pregnancy and never caused dizziness) I see a phychologist but he has never seen anyone with 24/7 dizziness which was disheartening bc he is well known. Anyone else had anything like this?

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Me. I have pressure in my ear which Dr says is due to my clenching of teeth. I feel terrible all the time

I have been having depression bc of it. I don't know what to do. The doctors want me to try an antidepressant but I have a fear of medicine. 😫

I would give it ago. I feel dizzy spaced out. Pressure in ear and neck

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Yes cetalipram has helped keep me out of the dumps due to similar symptoms.

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Same here...

Megan_10845 in reply to Hidden

Was your caused from anxiety?

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I'm still trying to figure it out sadly.

Have you tried anything for yours? Has anything seemed to work?

I have 24/7 swaying in my body.. which is classified as a form of dizziness. My therapist says it is anxiety too. However, it is so hard to believe because it has been with me for 2 and a half years. I have done every test, but, I cant go on like this so am seeing another (number 6 specialist) again soon. Good luck and keep us posted.

Megan_10845 in reply to Debby47

I have a hard time believing it's anxiety also. Mainly because I had anxiety before pregnancy without the dizziness. When I would get nervous my heart woul race and hands would shake. Now i walk around all day everyday feeling like something is wrong with me bc I never feel right.

Dizzigal in reply to Debby47

Hi fo you still have this going on ? I see it was 2 years ago since you wrote this.. I am new here.. I have the swaying sensation too and it's worse when I lay down.. I have also been told its stress and anxiety. .

Debby47 in reply to Dizzigal

I do still have it yes. I have accepted it now.

Yep everyday..

I'm so desperate for answers for what I'm dealing with. About a month ago, I turned around while sleeping and all of a sudden felt super dizzy. I got up and became super dizzy the room was spinning and I was telling my fiancé that I was dizzy. I tried going to the restroom and could barely make it. I could barely move without feeling dizzy and made nauseous. I decided to go to the ER but not before throwing up. I felt a little better by the time I got to the hospital but not 100%. They took some blood test and urine test and nothing came back. They gave me fluids and told me they think I had benign vertigo. So they told me it would go away after a few days. After a month the feelings never went away. I'm woozy and feel detached everyday. I feel like death all the time but find that laying down helps some but some days are worse than others and the worst days laying down doesn't even seem to help. I get chest pressure and heart palpitations with anxiety attacks at times making it worse. My PD told me he believes it's my anxiety and suggested an antidepressant and counseling. I know I'm not crazy and I believe something is wrong but no one knows what. I went to the ER again last week and they scanned my head and lungs and nothing came back. They took more blood and urine and still nothing came back. I don't know what's wrong and it's killing me because I can barely function. I feel like I'm dying everyday and I honestly feel like I may be like this forever. During my last ER visit they prescribed me medicine for vertigo but it doesn't really help and I also tried other medicine for dizzyness and that also doesn't help. I found people on this site that are dealing with similar things and they to said doctors don't know what's going on and shrugged it off as anxiety. Is any one else going through this ? I feel dizzy, loopy, lightheaded, detached from reality like everything's fake or a dream of some sort. I'm really scared and wish I could get back to myself.

HVM98 in reply to Love113014

I feel the same and completely understand, I thought I was alone feeling this way and then a friend suggested I looked for a forum as it might help me and others. I've been convinced now for over a year there is something seriously wrong with me and that I'm going to suddenly die, for a long time I avoided the doctors as I was too scared of what they might find but then I eventually went for a medical, they found nothing wrong apart from slightly high cholesterol. The symptoms got worse and more intense, I've been to see ear and brain specialists, had umpteen tests and examinations and no one can suggest anything other than stress and anxiety. I've tried vertigo and dizziness medication without much help and so far avoided any antidepressants and anxiety medication as I'm terrified of the side effects and becoming dependent on them. I've also tried Chinese medicine which I think helped for a while, I also use essential oils and calming teas which I cling my dear life to. For me I think it happened gradually over some time, I became more distant and felt like I was watching my life pass me by without having any control. I used to be so active and always the one organising social events and trips, now all I want to do is stay at home, laying down. I hope you are now feeling better. I've tried so many things and some seem to help but there are times I feel so frustrated and hopeless.

Hi Megan,

Wondering if you ever found an answer to your symptoms, as I have the exact same for over 2 years.

No I am still with no answers besides getting told it’s anxiety. Do you take any medication.

Hey. I am new to this. I figured I'd give this a try considering i have noone else to turn to. I to have been feeling the same way as you. I have the same feelings and symptoms as you and have been every day for 8 years. It all started after I had my third child back in 2010. I am wondering if you have found a solution to your problem?

No, I am still dealing with it everyday. 😩

its a harmless outpouring of a nervous imbalance disturbing but not dangerous. fear is a belief and beliefs can be changed, the pain viewed with despair is totally different than one faced with fortitude.

Do you still have this dizziness ?

Debby47 in reply to Dizzigal


Every minute of everyday plus many other symptoms for 7 years now 🙁🙁 it’s Awful x

Sorry to hear that. I feel the same but for 4 years now. It's a new year, so it's a new hope for better.

Hi, Megan, I was wondering if you could give an update? Are you still feeling the same? I am also experiencing these symptoms.

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