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Lightheaded! 😡

I suffer from really bad lightheadedness it will come on out of nowhere and can last for minutes to days! I could be house cleaning, walking; watching tv, laughing.

I don't get why I get it!!!! Whenever I've gone to doctors they never ever look into it! I hate the doctors. I haven't had it for a while but today I do, and it's really got me down! :(

How does anxiety make you lightheaded? I honestly cannot come to terms in my brain how a "mental"issue can play such crap on your body, I don't fully understand 

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I get lightheaded and dizzy a lot, it's so annoying, I've been to the doctors over this so many times. Never really no why it happens, a lot say it's fight or flight mode and the way we are breathing, like shallow, taking too much air in. its not nice at all 😩 X x

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I feel the same as you about doctor I never feel like they take any of this seriously.  If they only had to deal with half of what we go through they would send is for more tests and at least fix the physical symptoms  

Take care. 

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That's what I always think! It would be a different story if it was them suffering from it 

I can't help but get bitter, there is only so much you can put up with not feeling normal isn't there


Yeah I no longer know whether I'm unwell due to an illness or whether it's the anxiety.   Always looking for answers and getting nowhere fast . I have had this five years and it's no easier now than it was when it started in fact I would say that the physical symptoms come more frequently. 


Hi JLouiseS,    I read this some time ago, maybe it will help explain....

There are 4 main ways that anxiety causes dizziness:

Anxiety can cause an adrenaline rush which will speed up your breathing and your heartrate, increase  your blood pressure and your temperature.  So many significant physical changes overwhelms your body and leaves you dizzy.

If anxiety is severe or chronic, it may cause confusion and disorientation, that along with your anxiety can lead to overwhelming dizziness.

Anxiety may cause visual disturbances that can lead to a seasickness type of dizziness where the world seems to move independently around you.

Most often, anxiety causes us to breathe too quickly or too shallowly, causing an imbalance in the oxygen levels in our blood.  The imbalance affects the levels of oxygen in our brain and causes dizziness.

The answer to correcting the dizziness is  Deep Breathing as well as Breathing in a Brown Paper bag for 15 seconds or so.   

It is not serious but is really scary no matter how many times this happens.  

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Thankyou for that! 😊 I suppose it makes sense but sometimes I feel I'm breathing fine yet I'm lightheaded. It's all so draining ☹️

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It is I know JLouise,     For me, it is usually a signal that I have

not had any water.  Hydration plays a big part of not getting dizzy.

Take care..


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