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Anxiety and Stress

So I thought I'd give give this a shot. I'm 26 year old female, and am a single mother of a one year old and 2 year old and I'm a student. For the past 10 years I've been plagued with headaches (pressure in the head) and vertigo. But the past couple months I've been certain I have a brain tumor or MS. I've been having weird symptoms, I had like a MRI a few years back and it was fine. I just had a CT done and that came back fine. They told me must be vertigo. I was reading and that's my worse enemy' because I think I have everything under the book and that makes me worry more that I'm gonna die. But I also read anxiety and stress can also make physical symptoms to your body. I just wish I didn't feel like I'm so crazy. Is this possible it's just anxiety and stress?

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Yes! It most certainly can! Almost everyone on here has had some sort of physical symptom from anxiety. If you visit the anxietycentre.com you can find all the physical symptoms caused by anxiety for reassurance.

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Hi Mel, your body can mess you up in so many ways with anxiety. I had headaches every single day for a year, along with other symptoms and I thought the same thoughts as you but as time went on none of the symptoms progressed. You’ve had headaches for 10 years, if it was something more nasty then your symptoms would have worsened and progressed. But instead I bet they remain relatively the same! I had to tell myself so much, headaches, fully ear fullness, pins and needles none of it gets worse! It is anxiety x

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Melrb, you have had the best of tests and your CT scan showed yhat you do not have a brain tumour. You must accept this diagnosis because it is quite vlear that you have health anxiety. Your nerves are very sensitive and exaggerate every minor concern and worry into something life threatening. But your life is not threatened, the headaches and the vertigo are all caused by anxiety and stress.

Anxiety can imitate so many real illnesses it easily tricks you. So be reassured this is anxiety not some major illness, vertigo and light headedness are other common symptoms of anxiety.

If things become overwhelming ask your doctor for medication to bring respite but either way just accept yhe symptoms calmly and with minimal fear and give yiur nerves a chance to recovrr.


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