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Hello, first time here as i thought it might help getting other peoples opinions whilst remaining anonymous to everyone i know. Right, when i was just 13 i was in my town centre with friends and we all got beaten up by older people for money. This was the starting point for my anxiety. 7 years on now and its starting to be as bad or even worse than before. I work in a high responsibility job as an engineer and made a fault in one of my jobs. This lead to me being called into the office, having a telling off but eventually it lead to nothing other than that.But ever since then, every time i get a call from my manager - even if it is to just say hello - i have a mini panic attack and have to calm my breathing down. It got to a point where i was waking up every morning being sick as i was nervous to go into work just incase i made the mistake again. Ive been to see a councillor which helped a little but the times between appointments are too long to make any progress. Ive been given anti-depressants now as its made me so stressful it makes me break down and cry. I do like my job, but we do a 24 hour standby rota which makes my hours a week 55+ and I'm struggling to cope with it and i can't find anything to help. So what do you guys think? Thanks.

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Hi firstly welcome to the site, you have come to the right place for some support. It definitely sounds like your anxiety stems from the terrible incident when you were as child. The long hours you work must also be adding to your stresses. I would ask your counselor if it would be possible to have more regular appointments or if there is any homework you could be doing between sessions to help lessen your anxiety

I'm sure others on here will have better advice for you

Jules x

hello, welcome to the site. jules is rightabout the counselling but if cannot get regular appointments that will be tough,i used to work in engineering, so i know what your talking about,i know a lot on site do not like diazapine( they calm your nerves right down )but they are useful short term to get you thru those panics, hope this helps, keep posting, take care. xx

Hi Hello and welcome to the site we are here to help and support each other in what ever way we can.

it sounds like what you are struggling with the work situation. Could you approach your manager and explain how you feeling a sort of private word. I have often been surprised how well people have reacted when I have had to tell them about my anxiety. You can tell him/her as little or as much as you like I know it is easy for me to say do this and it takes some courage to do it.

Is it possible you could have a few days off work to rest your self a bit.

As for the counsellor have you asked for more regular sessions as you are finding it hard between appointments.

You are never alone on here and can come on day or night for support. Hope this has helped a bit.

Gardener x

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Hello, i have attempted this. I spoke to the manager as i had a few days off when i was sick and it helped as he understood - at the time - and he said he would put me on less stressful work which never happened, it doesn't seem they really care along as they get their targets. With my counselling i phoned them earlier today and they are trying to get me a date asap.

Also i would like to say thank you to everyones responses and welcomes. Really nice to have people give you support.

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I am glad you are finding the site helpful.

Can you go back to the manager and explain things again or maybe get a couple of weeks off through your doctor.

Am glad you phoned your counsellor and things are getting sorted for you.

Keep posting on here we will all do what we can.

Gardener x

Hi and welcome to the site it's nice to meet you. Can't add to whats been said just wanted to say hi.

Bev x

Will keep everyone updated :)

i'm not surprised your stressed working that many hours. is there any chance of cutiing down a bit? Iwould try and get an appointment with your councillor asp as others have said. Welcome to the site.

Do you have an occupational health department at work who can give you advice. Also would your union be able to talk to management about giving you a less stressful job

Ive spoke to my manager who has agree'd to help me on standby but its not the break I'm looking for really. Somedays we manage to get home at our finishing time but most we don't but we have agreed i can get back to cut down the hours a bit. Also i will be given breaks every 2.5 hours when on standby. I have been contacting my councillor and will be getting some more appointments soon. Things are progressing but very slowly.

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