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Anxiety/stress and glands?

hi all,

I've read mixed things about this so it would be good to see if any of you have experienced it...when you're stressed (really badly , not just the day to day stresses) do you find your glands come up? I know this happened last time I had a really bad patch despite having no signs of being ill. I've been doing really well for about a year and hadn't noticed anything but I've taken a downward turn and the last couple of months I've been really anxious again. Just like last time my glands in my neck are popping up. I have now come down with a cold so some of it might be due to that but the glands were up over a month before this kicked in. I'm currently trying some tablets for suspected acid reflux so I mentioned it to the doctor when I saw her but she didn't seem bothered by them. If they're still up when I have to go back to review the meds in a month I'll mention it again but it just seems very coincidental. The problem is that my anxiety is over my health. Everything I get I seem to convince myself I have the big C so glands popping up everywhere just makes me even more worried. I wonder if there's a link to me running my body down by stressing so even though I'm not aware, my body is susceptible to little viruses etc even though I don't realise I'm ill.


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It is very common that when we are anxious and we get run down we pick up infections and with most infections our glands tend to swell up but it is not the big C even though your HA will want to tell you it is

My weakness seems to be my sinus's when I get run down

I hope you get rid of the cold you have come down with soon and I think you will find your glands go back down when you are feeling better :-)

Take Care x


thanks bounce. I do seem to be more susceptible to things. Both of my kids and my husband had this cold and just had a little bit of a stuffy nose whereas I feel like I have the flu and could sleep for a week! I'm just so fed up of constantly feeling like I have something wrong with me. Xx


It is the same for me if I catch something I always seem to get it worse

I wonder have you had blood tests for things like Iron and vitamin D

I have had both done and was low in both of them and so many anxiety sufferers seem to have the same thing and I had to go on vitamins , would be worth asking your Doctor maybe if you could have those blood tests done ?

Maybe a vitamin C supplement as well might help :-)

Hope you feel better soon :-) x


I have been prone to low iron before. When I've given blood I've been turned away once due to low iron and a couple of times I've been borderline. Plus when I was pregnant both times I had to be put on tablets for low iron. I haven't been tested for vit D though. I've got another doctors appointment in 4 weeks to review how my tablets worked for acid reflux so I'll talk to them then. Thanks for the advice. Xx


Hello :-)

You sometimes have to push a little to get them to agree especially with the vitamin D blood test to do them or I found I did you may not but she was quiet surprised at the low results that came back and soon put me on them :-D

Let me know if you have the tests and what your results were as I think it is so interesting just how many of us with anxiety seem to have low levels :-) x


i have had my neck glands swell up 3 times this year and can only relate it to stress and anxiety as I never really had any other major symptoms of being ill, other than being tired but I'm always tired anyway so its hard to tell for sure haha by the time I thought about going to the doctor, they had already returned to normal.


thanks tdawgg123. I do have a cold now but my glands have been up for a few weeks before that, pretty much bang on when the anxiety started. It was the same last time I was worried about something. What I wouldn't give to be like everyone else and just be able to ignore normal symptoms until they go away! Xx


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