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Anxiety and stress burnout

Can anyone who has experienced burn out from constant stress and anxiety explain to me the symptoms they have been feeling? My job as a nanny I feel has physically and mentally sucked me dry. I put my two weeks notice in on Monday as I can't handle it anymore and will be going back to school full time .. How can I get through the next two weeks when I feel like a zombie? Need some advice

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U nanny kids?


Yes I do. I have been doing it since March and struggling since the start. Was a bad choice for me I think :(


Aww so sorry to hear that i hope u find some relief after you resign mayb get the quality rest u desire. Is there a reason why u are always tired besides the job?


Just constant anxiety every day. Applying for school has been very stressful and other than that just the job. I'm up in the dark and working up to 9 hours a day with a one year old who's been teething it's just been a lot for me to try and look after someone when I'm not even looking after myself properly


U are so right u have to look after yaself before u can look after someone else and such a young age and thats alot of hours at work.

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I'm sorry you feel this way. If possible try to rest and take it easy when you aren't at work don't try to do too much else or put pressure on yourself over the next 2 weeks. Try to eat well drink lots of water and maybe some guided meditation every night before bed. Try to do things you enjoy watching so funny tv or reading drawing whatever your interests are.

Good on you for leaving the job you know what is best for you. And good luck with your studies.

You'll be ok stay strong :))


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