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I have been on 4 a day 1mg lorazepam reducing 1mg a month. I agreed with my pharmacist practitioner this as a plan. Unfortunately a new practitioner without any consultation with me just wrote out a prescription for 3 a day for a month then he proposes to drop to 2 a month and then 1 a month with no consultation with me. He spoke to me over the phone as I pointed out that is not what I had agreed. He would not back down. He has only been at the practice one week and the other doctors have always signed my previous prescriptions. It is a Bank Holiday and my anxiety is through the roof and cannot just drop one a day. Do not know who to turn to. To make it worse I have a thyroid problem and losing my hair. I thought doctors were there to help.I phoned the surgery and the receptionist said I could only see a doctor in two weeks. I am barely coping and now feel suicidal. Can anyone help or know who could help me.

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First things first take a deep breath, you are not alone and the problem is fixable. I dont know anything about the drug itself but first i would recommend to anyone that has anxiety not to 1. Have a phone call appointment even if they insist, just say no to talking over the phone unless it an absolute emergency or just a routine tick box. 2. If you can, never go alone, most surgeries offer chaperones if need be. I noticed a huge difference in the way i was treated by certain doctors once i started going with someone. Its even handy to have the support and extra perception of a loved one explaining to a doctor what the problems they have witnessed are and someone just to clarify what was said after your appointment. If i was you i would try and see your old doctor or any other doctor, there are also walk in clinics if you are really desperate that might be able to help and might be able to temporarily tell u to take 4 a day again over the Easter period. Did you explain to the receptionist that you feel panicked and suicidal? Did they give you a reason for the change? Maybe it would be a good change but i think you need a proper consultation first to come to the best solution for your needs. And an agreed medication action plan and if you medication does get reduced it should be implemented at a pace your comfortable with. And also a fall back incase reducing the medication causes problems. I dont know what country your from but we have samaritans and i hear they are brilliant if you feel at your lowest and need someone to talk to.

Hope this helps x

Gillybabe in reply to Pudding098

Thats brilliant pudding98. That has really helped. Even my local pharmacist was shocked as he knows me and looked after our family for years. I will certainly take someone with me. I suffer with OCD also and that has become worse with stress. When my husband rang and told receptionists I was anxious and suicidal they got the doctor who wrote the prescription to ring back six hours later but he would not back down. So receptionists then gave me appointment 10th April with another doctor. The whole time I felt like a criminal or a bad person.

Great advice from pudding88. I was on Lorazepam, they’re short acting unlike diazepam. Did a very gradual switch over, insist on seeing a psychiatrist if necessary to back you up. Can also phone Crisis, hospitals have a walk in as mentioned. Then will be on your notes that they had to give you prescription you need. If these drs knew what it felt like they’d have a better attitude.

Hey hope you are doing ok my apologies for the slow response if you need to talk you can text me feel free if you need someone to talk to 5199333880

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