Wanna get off clonazepam

Just wanna get rid of anxiety" and get off clonazepam I've been on it about a month 1mg take daily as, needed it makes me sleepy the. Day! I only take one tablet. I be having heart palpitations and my potassium was slightly low before, i started this meds i had lab work 3 month's ago! Potassium was fine' i read bad thing's about this medicine's which i shouldn't have worrying about what was written isn't going to make thing's better just worse help need advice" is it true about clonazepam?


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  • Hello

    Every medication no matter what sort they are will come with some negative reports but these things they list what we don't realize have only affected maybe 1 in a 100 or more but I know when we have anxiety we think we will be the 1

    I know you are fearing what you have read but if it was not for that do you feel they are helping at all ?

    Best thing I would say is go back and talk to your Doctor , tell them how you are feeling and remember this is your treatment so you can suggest and put to the Doctor what you think would be best for you in the way you want support

    Take Care x

  • Its not the negativie side, affects i just wanna feel like my old self again! I started cbt and i have my days, i only take meds as, needed I'm doing thing's myself to get better!

  • I'm not fearing meds I'm good! But" thanks, for the advice"

  • Don't take it. I has made me an addict. I wish I was never put on it. I use GABA sometimes. It is in chewable form from some companies. It is like Valium but it is a normal neurotransmitter in your brain. Also an amino acid. The drug companies took that molecule in 1962 and turned GABA into Valium. GABA is non addictive. I wish you luck.

  • I already been taking , it i only take when needed 1mg

  • Try chewable GABA. Np prescription. Not make you drowsy. Safe to drive on. Legal.

  • I'm ok! that post was posted last week! I had talked to the Dr. And I'm thinking positive thoughts" no negative one's thanks, for the advice.

  • Hi

    Clonazepam doesn't treat the underlying biological cause of anxiety.

    You should ensure your Doc has optimised your medicines.

    Clonazepam is best reduced slowly to prevent withdrawal (which can be dangerous).

    You should reduce it by 50% every two weeks if you are doing it on your own from 1mg/day.

    Good luck,


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