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J have seen a few posts on here recommending the book DARE a new way to fight panic and anxiety. I have read other books that did not really help that much and I wondered how many people have read this book and did it really help? I almost ended up at the er again last night with a panic attack and pounding heart. Ready to try anything that might really help!

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I have read the book and it did help me. I think the biggest factor is you have to be in the "right place at the right time" kind of thing to really be able to "accept" anxiety and all that goes come with I which is what the premise of this book and many others. I had read other articles and books which advocate the same approach - acceptance of anxiety and just wasn't ready at the time to be able to understand it or put into practice. My counselor had also talked about acceptance, and at the time I thought she was the one who was out of her mind! How could I learn to "accept" these feelings? Eventually, I read "Nothing Works" which was written by a fellow anxiety sufferer (you can google it) and it finally made sense. I started doing nothing when anxiety came knocking, and it really had an effect on the frequency and the intensity of my anxiety. I still have some periods of anxiety, but it is no longer a 24/7 thing, and the physical things have pretty much settled down. It's like my body has decided that it no longer wants to play along with anxiety. I still have problems sometimes with sleeping and occasional times where I feel on edge, but it is fleeting and doesn't stop me from doing what I need or want to do. The DARE book is good - it has a lot of good information and strategies to try, but reading the "Nothing Works" article was the "Aha" moment for me.

Sorry for the long post!


Who is Nothing Works by ? I've just tried to Google and nothing coming up It sounds really good

Thanks for the information


nothing is the site.


Thank you very much Claire x


I can't recommend DARE enough it's a fantastic book I've tried loads of other books and nothing compares to this If you follow what he says it really works He references Dr Claire Weekes a lot too and if you had one of her books and DARE I guarantee you would see an improvement

I find if I'm getting anxious before doing something that makes if I take 20 mins re reading DARE it motivates me and I'm so much better

Good luck I really hope it helps as I know only too well that feeling of trying anything x


I bought Dare the audio version .

It helped me to recovery from anxiety .

The author /speaker basically tells you not to fear anxiety , except the discomfort , but don't let it stop your everyday life .Eventually your anxiety will get less and slowly go away .

Thoroughly recommend the audio as you feel the author is getting you through your day and making you stronger .

You can't hide from anxiety , you need to accept it , recognise its presence and it will slowly become a thing of the past xxxx


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