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Essential Help For Your Nerves by Claire Weekes

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A couple of months ago a friend on this site recommended Claire Weekes book.

I ordered a copy and read to about page 70 and then put the book on a pile marked will read when I have a moment. I was doing quite well with my anxiety and panic issues and I allowed life to get in the way of reading the book. I had a challenging Christmas break and started to read the book again. I discovered last night gem after gem and wished that I had read the book from cover to cover weeks ago.

I particularly like this quote " Recovery lies in the places and experiences you avoid".

I would really like to hear from people who have read Dr Weekes book.

Very best wishes to everyone.

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Hi. moley, My 'bible' for the last thirty years! She wrote many books and the one you have is a compilation of all her works. She came over here (from Australia) and did a broadcast (in the early eighties) and ITV had to arrange special mail bags for all the post they got in reply to her message. Even in those days the problem was rife. I think it is even worse today. I am so glad you got on well with it. You may not know but she too suffered so she knows what she is taking about. Her work with agoraphobia is world renowned. She often fell out with her psychiatric colleagues who said the past was responsible for our illness. She suggested that that may well be but the present needing sorting. That's what acceptance is all about. Thanks for your post. Very best wishes. jonathan.

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Thanks for your post. Please may I ask. With the benefit of the book is there any "normal" activity that you still cannot do? What would you consider would be a reasonable aspiration in terms of where I can take my life to.

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when i read her book many years ago i got scared when it said if your scared of your nerves they will get worse so now i have the obsession that i can't stop being afraid of my nerves i'm afraid to read it again all i want to do is cry

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Hi. moley. Can you be more specific. There is no 'normal' activity I cannot do. You mean after reading and practicing acceptance? As for the second part of your question I am at a loss to understand. Your life is yours and it is up to you where you take it. Perhaps you mean something different. Would be willing to help given more info. Message if you wish. Regards. jonathan.

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Hi Jonathan, before I had issues with anxiety and panic attacks I was able to travel around the world and did not have any more fears of everyday situations than the average person. Since I have had issues with anxiety I have not as an example felt able to stay overnight at my parents home which is about 3 hours from where I live. I would like to get back to the point where I could travel away from home in the same way as I could 2 years ago. My second question is something that I am almost too scared to ask. How much of an improvement to the quality of your life did you experience as a result of reading Dr Weeks books and practicing acceptance?

I know that we are all different. The phrase in Dr Weeks book " Recovery lies in the places and experiences you avoid" suggests that a substantial improvement/recovery is possible if you follower her methods. Many thanks in advance for your kindness.

Hi Moley , I have nearly finished reading the book and am going to read it again and again. I am considering getting a tape to listen to as well. My life has improved dramatically since starting reading the book. My confidence is returning and I feel as if I am more in control of my panics and anxiety. I fear this will take a long time..but it did take me 35 years to get as bad as I was. Just to read the pages of this book make me feel could be written about me!!! I must gasp on every page to realise that someone else feels like me. Practising acceptance is hard, sometimes I get it sometimes I don't. That is a big step up from nothing though. Love x Ella x

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moley64 in reply to ellabella

Hi Ella, I am really please that the book is giving you hope and that you are making progress. I think that the key is the thought that you are moving in the right direction and retaking control of your life. I am going to get the tape as I want to feed my mind with the right thoughts as much as possible. lol M

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Hi. ella. I am still, believe it or not, in the 'sometimes I get it sometimes I dont' stage. But most of the time I get it. I think; no, I am sure, that this is a lifetime's work. It gets a lot, lot better but has to be remembered and practised always. Lots of Love. jonathan.

Whats the name of this book? It sounds like something I could use.

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moley64 in reply to SweetieCass

Hi The book is called Essential Help for your Nerves by Dr Claire Weekes. When I was reading it last night, I had a strange/wonderful feeling that I had found what I was looking for. What I found difficult today was dealing with the feeling of " Can reading this book and following the techniques really help me as much as I hope". I think that practicing the technique of acceptance will be hard. However I think that doing something that is hard that is moving you in the right direction is worth the effort. lol M

I have health anxiety does this book cover that.

Yes it does Calsie, it is hard reading , hence having to keep re-reading....but well worth it! I look forward to my daily read x Ella x

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Hi. moley. Now I see what you mean! Firstly, as ella says, this is not easy because it goes right against the natural instinct which is to fight and struggle. I am sometimes surpried how people on this site say how they fight this 'thing' or struggle with "IT", when they must feel worse in doing so. Dr. Weekes says that whatever has 'sensitised' you FEAR must come into the picture. Without it there would be no problem. But every one who is 'normal' feels fear at some time. The difference between them and us is that we fasten on to it; wont let it go and so the vicious circle begins, fear-adrenaline-fear. Not being able to move far from home is classical agoraphobia and is something that Dr. Weekes specialised in. There is another book of hers which may be out of print that deals with this specific problem (Try Amazon) "Simple effective treatment of Agoraphobia" published by Angus and Robertson in 1983. It is mainly for therapy practitioners but is good reading for sufferers also. (ISBN.0 207 14876 7).To your other question. Well, it changed my life but it took time to realise that this was the answer. I actually fought against it as I was told by all and sundry to 'fight this thing'. When someone suggested the opposite I could not believe them. But there you go!! Good luck with your reading but a short word of warning. This does take TIME. She says in her book not to be impatient with time and this is probably the most difficult part. As ella says, it took her many years to get like this, as it did with me, so give it time to heal. All the very best of luck to you. Regards. jonathan.


hi all, just been reading comments on this book,where can I buy it,is it available in bookstores,or can you just buy it off the net.??..

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moley64 in reply to miarose

Your best bet would be Amazon costs about £10 including post and packing.

I have read one of her books and it was really good . One thing however I am struggling to understand is FLOAT... What does she mean by that? How to put it in practise? Any ideas?

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moley64 in reply to Leta

I am not entirely sure. I am new to her work. However I think that Floating is the process of just allowing sensations to just drift over you. Going with the flow without fighting or resisting what you are feeling.

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go with the flow....slow deep breathing....allowing the feelings to drift over you....not adding any negative thoughts to the fear, just allowing it to be..........sounds hard, takes practice, but it works!

good luck


Hmm maybe...I was thinking could it be floating like ignoring or focusing on something else rather panic and sensations...not sure. Will try both of them in practise :) thanks moley

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fadedlizard in reply to Leta

Hi Leta,

I haven't read the Claire Weekes books although I plan to buy it in the near future. However, I have read a little book called "Living with IT" by Bev Aisbett, in it she advocates floating too. She suggests imaging IT (your fear, panic, anxiety) on an island and yourself in a boat floating away. No matter how much IT leaps up and down it cannot reach you. You are safe in your boat. If you try it a few times it does work and when used with your breathing exercises it can give you some space.

Good Luck,


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moley64 in reply to fadedlizard

Thanks I will try that. Have a prosperous and healthy new year.

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fadedlizard in reply to moley64

Thank you. You too.x

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Leta in reply to fadedlizard

Thanks Lizard i will have a look at IT book :)


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