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Hello ,I am posting this to let u know ,that any one with Anxiety can have a better life with out meds,i have been on so many a/d over the years and did really help,but the last lot I was on was not nice ,,,good not sleep for weeks an end ,Any way I thought to myself ,,that it no more my life can not be about being on tablets for the rest of my life ,,so I came off all my meds I take now omega 3 fish oils which are very good brain food and gaba which also keeps you calm ,and then found a book called Dare ,its so u how to come though Anixiety,please if u can have a read about this book ,,,if I can do this soooooo can others and also it does run in family ,,,Anxiety,,,i seem to have pass it on to my son ,,,,any way have a guick look at this book and in your own mind just think if it can help u,,

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  • I'm about to start lexapro any thought

  • hello only if you have to ,if things are really bad .it ok to start these drugs but it a shit to come of them,,just have a look at nutrition supplement there are really so much better than a/d ,,omsga3 brain food and Gaba which is a very good for anxiety ,I get my of ebay ,,,you can look these supplements up ,,,good luck with your choice,,,and there is a book just out called DARE,the guy that has wrote it has been to hell and back and is now free of his wishes,

  • I've never been on meds. And I've had like.....over 60 anxiety symptoms. Meds only mask the problem, they don't fix it.

  • thank you ,,that what I was trying to say,just have a look at that book it helps with ways to help come though Anxiety,just Google it,

  • Thank you Swanshurst, interesting post, I'll definetely have a look at this book.

    Best wishes.


  • Some people may require medication, others can live without. But quality of life is what counts....GBx

  • yes 100%i do agree ,

  • Would you be kind enough to tell me what brand of GABA you use? Also where I can source the info about the book DARE? Thanks

  • The GABA is from Swanson ,,,500mg and the book is amazon and its called DARE,the new way to end anxiety and stop panic attacks I really wishes you well,please let me know if it helps .

  • Thanks, I have thought about GABA before so maybe try. The book is on the pricey side for me but a lot of free downloads on offer. Your good wishes appreciated!!!

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