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Over analysis

I don't know why I have this feeling that overwhelms me whereby I am overanalysing everything and my stress and anxiety levels are very high. I am worried and I can't rationalise why. I am literally going through my day and analysing everything I have said and done and feel concerned what others may be thinking of me. The main concern is I can't justify or stop this extreme angst. Does anyone else suffer from this?

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Oh good(?) ol’ overthinking, looks like im not the only one i have Serious overthinking problem too, do you have kids?

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Yes, but mine are adults.

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Oh i see so it will be a little weird to play with them 😀and what About your hobbies?

Anxiety and depression go hand in hand. I'm not a doctor, but from experience it sounds like the beginning of depression. Are you receiving any treatment for this?

I've had to fight that feeling a lot recently. Thinking about it doesn't fix the problem it just makes you more worried. You're not going to figure everything out/have everything planned and that's okay. These things in your mind are temporary things which you shouldn't let steal your focus and joy. Try meditation or brain dumping to shift your thoughts to something more transformative for you. Keep going and remember there's nothing wrong with you.

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