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Honestly I can't believe these symptoms could be anxiety. Can't walk properly, weak, stiff, heart beat irregular. Just to name a few, Had test can't find any thing wrong with me. Not walking properly is really interfering with my life. Have to get a gofer when in big shopping centres as I can't walk around. I don't have quality of life and I'm getting over it.


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  • Oh trust and believe me it's all anxiety....ever thing you named I have plus more. Anxiety has attacked my whole body, it feels so sore, makeso me feel old and like my life is gone

  • Lovely85

    Really! ok I know I'm 51 but i've always been pretty healthy. I stay at home most of the week now because I feel more comfortable. I'm just having a really hard time accepting that anxiety could cause you to need a wheelchair or gofer because you can't walk properly. Where I live their are no real good Dr's that have experience with anxiety. Feel very alone and crazy.

  • A wheelchair? Are you falling down? Make an appointment with neurology or ENT, Also wondering if you have virtago. That can be managed with meds. But check it out

  • I feel for you Tilly3005. I think many people in this forum can feel your pain. The one thing I always try to remind myself, is never to say "just anxiety". Anxiety is also a symptom of bigger issues going on with your physical and mental health. Just because you had some tests, doesn't mean that everything is fine. It sounds to me like you instinct is telling you that everything is NOT fine at all.

    One of my biggest issues with our medical system is that they see us a body parts. I guess they never learned the song about the leg bone being connected to the hip bone- and so on. Instead of saying "Anxiety", lets just say "Invisable Diseases". Many times these invisable diseases are very hard to diagnos and people go for years just ruling one thing out after another. You are going to have to be your own best advocate here. Keep a journal everyday. Include how you feel both emotionally and physically, track what you eat, what meds you took or didn't, and anything else you can think of. If you know excel- you could create a spread sheet so that you can do some basis analysis.

    The reason we become anxious, have panic attacks, or get depressed has a lot to do with genetic factors, viruses (past or present), and stress. Stress actually changes our body's so that our neurotransmitters do not work as well. This can lead to some serious issues that are very hard to diagnos until they become severe enough to warrent hospital care. Do you have any holistic health, naturopaths, or even DOs where you are? And, will your insurance cover them? Finding a provider who actually sees the whole you may make a world of difference. Take care and good luck. Please keep us posted. Okay?

  • Dear kimbergram,

    What you are saying I exactly right..... Many factors can cause anxiety and depression! There is some interesting research being done atm researching that it may be linked to our immune systems over protecting us with its various chemical releases(not a doctor so am not going to try and remember their names) I will try and find the link to it..... To me it sort of made sense! After suffering with severe depression for over 25 years on and off you tend to start noticing patterns to its return. As I have gotten older I have become less embarrassed about it (let's face it, the first time it happened I didn't have a f##@ing clue what was happening to me) doctors just gave out pills then I forgot to take them and hey presto I was better!!!! Yay.

    I forgot about it for a few years and then seven yes later it was back again with a vengeance, lasting about 6months, again not having any understanding of it and the stigma of it didn't help.... Just felt like I was going 😑 and people around didn't understand either, unless they had been unfortunate enough to have it. So just tried to battle on. Its only in hindsight now that I am starting to join the dots. After this it came back 2 years later and ended up in a mental health clinic after taking an overdose for about 4months(luckily someone found me, although I didn't think so at the time!!!!) not taking that many paracetamol again... Woke up with a banging headache, πŸ˜‰ lol

    Anyway this is to long winded I'm sorry. I was trying to say that I now have ECT. BY CHOICE! as it is the only thing that has brought me out of the depression within 3 months.

    But interestingly... I don't get side effects whilst having treatment and what I do get roughly 2 weeks after the end of treatment is a rash all over and very itchy, also my legs swell, so I think the ECT brings the synaptic fluids back to some sort of "normal" level, but for me from 2weeks after lasting for about 2 and a half weeks they seem to go high, and not just the serotonin and noradrenaline (the ones associated with mood) but it is my guess that the histamine types that are linked to protecting you are to high too!

    But I will take the rash, itching + speeded up brain for 2ish weeks to get over a year to 18 months of rest bite from the misery that is depression and anxiety, I also get more work done in those weeks 😁


  • Have you been checked for sinisitus or vertigo? These will also make you feel the symptoms you are feeling. I would get a second opinion....

  • probably one of the few things I haven't been checked for. I'm unbalanced but not dizzy.

  • I suffered with anxitey for several years. Eventually I took a year off work to start to concentrate on my health and discovered after many difficult months of hours on the Internet reading about symptoms and paying privately at a digestive health clinic (as that was an issue for me too) that I discovered hidden and undiagnosed within my patient records a B12 deficiency.

    Thus is a very common deficiency but the range of what is normal is different in each country. If you're in the UK especially normal is set very low.

    Have a look at the Pernicious Anemia Society website and ask your doctor to test you for the following:

    Enlarged red blood cells

    B12 serum

    Intrinsic factor

    B12 deficiency can mimmic stress anxiety and depression lack of energy enthusiasm symptoms.

    I wish you well. Woukd be great to know how you get on. You're not alone xx

  • Been checked for B12 its really good levels

  • Hi Tilly I agree with discovering wellness. I always say get a copy of your blood tests so you can see with your own eyes what your results are!! for example a normal result for b12 is (187-883) so you see the difference in the range of what they class as a normal result. Mine was 347pg/ml and that was after a blood transfusion because it was too low. So I take supplements now πŸ‘

  • Anxiety really can cause crazy things. Especially if you're really focusing on what's happening or what you're feeling. For example, if you focus on being dizzy, you're going to intensify the feeling of dizzy. I've had feelings of things crawling in my head, and feeling like I'm dying, racing heart, breathing problems, and chest pains. When I go through my periods of freedom from anxiety, I do not get those feelings at all. Everything starts feeling weird when I'm back into the hole of anxiety.

  • If your doctor suspected anything that would require specialty, however get a second opinion, but I agree , anxiety plays some crappy games with your head and body

  • Yes true its anxiety, it can cause ALL type of stuff

  • Tilly3005, you said you had test, what did they test for ? I would go for complete physical. You may have anxiety but sounds like something physical as well . Don't just accept, you are to young and did this all come on at once or just over time ? Another opinion, 2nd set of eyes, fight to get your life back !!! πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

  • you might be experining Vertigo have your ears check by your doctor.

  • hI Tilly. I have that unbalanced feeling. and all tests done are clear...Honestly I can relate to your symptoms so much..went shopping a few days ago and had to take my aunties walker, to keep me balanced..its so horrible... Have you got your b12 tested. low levels can cause these symptoms..also vitamin d..I am slightly low on both..started supplements. so hopefully they will help...but its too early to tell yet...would like to keep in touch. if you dont mind..love Miarose xx

  • Yes I have had B12 tested really good levels had tests for everything sick to death of tests. Thank you miarose I'm so glad you have had the same symptoms. Makes me feel like I'm not the only one or so alone.

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