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Anxiety taking over

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Hi I'm new I just didn't want to feel alone with this anymore so it started off with panic attacks and has developed into GAD (generalised anxiety disorder) and now I'm pretty positive I'm a Hypacondriac :-( Literally every feeling in my body is freaking me out I'm always convinced Somethings wrong with me on top of self diagnosing myself on google I just can't stop its making it worse like right now I've been getting dull aches around my stomach and rib aches and its freaking me out obviously I googled abdominal aches and pains and everything it came up with made my head spin is anyone else like this :-(?! How do I stop? I feel as if i need a doctor examining me all the time its driving me nuts :-(

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Khloe I understand how your feeling I suffer from health anxiety , I go to my doctor everyweek who says its anxiety , I'm sat here now with pain all over and worried out of my mind dreading going to sleep as I sometimes get skipped beats that jolt me awake , I feel anxious all the time and think I'm having a heart attack , I hate even writing that , I know how your feeling , you need to have therapy , I'm waiting to start it soon hopefully , I also have OCD so I obsess over everything , please try and stay calm don't let the anxiety win you need to let it pass over you and distract your self , your not alone I'm here like everyone else to talk to , we know how your feeling xxx

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Khloe4321 in reply to Helsbt21

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply ! Means a lot guess were all in the same boat, I hope your okay and dealing with things! Its so frustrating isn't it :-( I know exactly what you mean, I'm seeing my GP tomorrow but still feeling the need for tests and proof that there's nothing wrong with me, very difficult coping with it :-( xxx

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First thing ive learned is to stay away from googling your symptoms they make it worse I promise u it will gwt better in time I was a total wreck when I first had panic attacks im not overall better but im much better than before u have to push yourself u have to want to get better I beat it by treating my body better eating right exercise an supplements im still a workin progress hopes this help

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Khloe4321 in reply to Cwoods

Thanks for responding! Yeah its just very easy to turn to google and try to self diagnose I'm just finding it hard to tell the difference between normal feelings and bad feelings with my body , hope everything gets better for you! Yes I deffinetely need more distractions like exercise , thank you

No prob and hope things get better for u too as well hun

My doctor told me not to google symptoms because it will make you worse, I also suffer with health anxiety and at the minute I'm sat rocking to calm myself down because I think there's something wrong with me, and the stomach ache is due to anxiety it's stomach tension I get it all the time. If you want any information about the stuff your feeling from anxiety go onto a website called calm clinic it is soo soo comforting and helpful also try mindfulness these are what my psychaitrist and care coordinator gave me, hope this helps xxx

I have the exact same thing, health anxiety sucks but if you think about it it's kind of normal to want to be healthy and fit but somtimes we can over think it like I do, unfortunately I have had a few people die recently of cancer and other problems and everytime now I feel anything I panic and think I'm somehow dying or getting some serious illness, I have been doing really good over the last few months but recently my uncle passed away of a brain tumour which was cancerous and I now get this horrible tickly feeling in my skull and into my jaw and I automatically presume it's the worst and the feeling works me up so bad I get a temperature, dizziness, can't sleep or just when Im about to sleep I panic at the last second and freak myself out and even physically sick but it's all caused by this nasty thing called anxiety and many people get it. Your brain is the most power thing and it can give you pains or feelings that aren't even there. Anxiety is horrible because it's all about fighting your thoughts and what your brain and little voice in your head is telling you. I really hope you get better and I'll keep up to date with your posts. Chat whenever you like :)

Thanks for the replies everyone, much appreciated, and I'm so sorry to hear that hope your coping! I know it's awful the mind is so powerful one thought and you can't seem to control it :-( I've been trying to control my thoughts with all these strange pains I've been having in my ribs and stomach now awaiting blood test results! Hoping I get the all clear for peace of mind! Thank you means alot I'm here too , its nice to have people to talk to who can relate, all the best to everyone!

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Ihateit in reply to Khloe4321

I'm dealing with the exact Same thing. Maybe we should be friends so when we panic, we'll calm each other down.

I also suffer from health anxiety its honestly horrible. I cried mostly all day and night the past few days because Ive been feeling off and scared of having a serious illness. My body is now aching and I am worried after googling symptoms again. I feel like its a new symptom everyday health anxiety has taken over my life I don't even want to go out with friends anymore. I hope this period passes for both of us and we can look back on it as being silly and we can have happy lives again. Wish you the best.

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Khloe4321 in reply to Chey921

It really is so difficult to deal with, I know exactly how you feel. Yeah we all need to stop turning to google , always best to see the GP. I've just been today but even now waiting for blood tests I'm beyond anxious about it I've just been googling again its a horrible habbit to break feels like its completely dominating your life. All the best to you too ! Hope we can all fight through this!

I had blood tests for my stomach problems but they came back fine, anxiety can cause a lot of non harmful digestive problems but they can be uncomfortable. Try a heat pack or hot water bottle that should settle it xx

Yeah hoping they come back okay its nerve wracking ! I'll give that a try thanks :-) xx

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